Translation of advertise in Spanish:


anunciar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈædvərˌtaɪz/ /ˈadvətʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (product) anunciar
    (product) hacerle publicidad a
    (product) hacerle propaganda a
    (product) hacerle réclame a Latin America
    (product) hacerle reclame a River Plate
    I saw it advertised on TV/in a magazine lo vi anunciado en la tele/en una revista
    • I advertised my piano puse un anuncio para vender el piano
    • the job was advertised in yesterday's paper el trabajo salió anunciado / el anuncio del trabajo apareció en el diario de ayer
    • The event was advertised as family friendly with many workshops for both beginner and advanced practitioner.
    • Although the service was advertised as being ‘free’ it was being charged at 38p per minute.
    • You are required to advertise your product or service and the terms of the sale honestly and accurately.
    • The detective said the prostitution service was advertised as an an escort service.
    • It is all part of the national programme being advertised as Power to Change.
    • This event is advertised as a family day out with opportunities to watch skilled aviation displays and see exciting jet aircraft.
    • The lecture's organizers have said the lecture was clearly advertised as a series of yarns.
    • Six out of ten of those quizzed said they mistrusted brands that used pop-ups to advertise their products and services.
    • It's about reaching of the widest possible audience we can to advertise our products and services.
    • The conference was advertised as being about gender and identity in South China.
    • There are no billboards advertising Western products.
    • Eventually, streaming video should prove of great use in promoting and advertising products on the Web.
    • Numerous billboards advertising this event have been rented.
    • They encourage the use of medicines without any prescription by advertising their products on television and radio.
    • Coating products are promoted and advertised as graffiti-resistant, but what does that really mean?
    • People who want to promote or advertise a product or brand are the most interested.
    • Recognising the importance of advertising a public event became the impetus for two simultaneous activities.
    • Each event will be advertised as soon as they are arranged.
    • Products that are advertised as cures for colic do not help.
    • Web sites are all about advertising products, ideas and services.
  • 2

    (intentions) anunciar
    (intentions) revelar
    there's no need to advertise your stupidity no hace falta que vayas pregonando por ahí lo tonto que eres
    • We have installed additional signs on the road and done everything possible to advertise the fact that the speed limit has been reduced.
    • You are passionate and adventurous, however, you do not go around advertising these qualities.
    • No one bothered advertising the fact that, in order to live, I need to keep breathing.
    • Remove labels from new trees and shrubs as this advertises the fact that they are new and easy to remove.
    • If a man is a fool, the best thing to do is to encourage him to advertise the fact by speaking. - Woodrow Wilson
    • He seems reluctant to advertise the fact he has a cousin from France.
    • If you need to escape an oppressive regime, can you afford to advertise that fact by filling out an asylum claim in the street?
    • In order to cope with this dilemma, the authorities decided to remove the signs on Friday, but not to advertise the fact.
    • Regis also took the opportunity to advertise the quality of the police department that he headed.
    • Why did this letter writer not take out a full page advertisement to advertise this fact?
    • I didn't want to advertise the fact that we'd be away from the flat for a while.
    • They would also have to pay to advertise the fact they would be applying for the licence.
    • She was vague about the reasons, but she didn't want to advertise the fact I was intelligent.
    • A lot of people don't want to advertise the fact that they have a personal trainer.
    • I wore only a pair of jeans and a t-shirt advertising the fact that I had given blood at the last blood drive.
    • That was Jessica's voice, slightly nasal, desperately advertising the fact that any pity would be welcome.
    • It's not my responsibility to advertise the fact that I am ruthless.
    • I didn't even find out that we had any titles in our family until I was about eight or nine, they hated to advertise that fact.
    • She didn't advertise the fact that she was listening to only him, but she wanted to.
    • It said it wants to advertise this fact in a more tangible way hence the commission's presence at the show.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer publicidad
    hacer propaganda
    to advertise for sb/sth