Translation of advertising in Spanish:


publicidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈædvərˌtaɪzɪŋ/ /ˈadvətʌɪzɪŋ/

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  • 1

    publicidad feminine
    to be/work in advertising trabajar en publicidad
    • advertising agency agencia de publicidad
    • There was the overwhelming feeling within the industry that advertising was a commercial activity and commercial objectives took priority.
    • I write television and radio commercials for a huge corporate advertising agency.
    • It is understood that two of the country's largest advertising agencies are refusing to pay the new rates.
    • There is almost a confusion between graphic design as an activity and advertising as an activity.
    • She made a homemade portfolio and went knocking on doors of advertising agencies in Dublin.
    • He had given this lecture to graduate students in advertising at the Business School of the University of Chicago.
    • After working in advertising for 19 years, he became a full-time artist, creating wildlife watercolors.
    • As advertising is a very social and sociable industry, personal qualities are also important.
    • I think loads of people could make a go at publishing a mag, but dealing with distribution and advertising is really, really tough.
    • The primary myth of advertising is that you can be one of these people and have these things too, if you only buy this product.
  • 2

    publicidad feminine
    (campaign/slot/space) (before noun) publicitario
    advertising rates tarifa de anuncios
  • 3

    propaganda feminine
    publicidad feminine