Translation of advise in Spanish:


aconsejar, v.

Pronunciation /ədˈvaɪz/ /ədˈvʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(recommend)

      (caution/postponement) aconsejar
      (caution/postponement) recomendar
      to advise sb to + inf aconsejar(le) a algn que + subj

      • we were advised to leave/not to swim
      • you would be well advised to see a lawyer
      to advise sb against sth/-ing
      • they advised him against marrying so young
      • the committee advised them against it
      he advised starting at once aconsejó que se empezara inmediatamente
      • Another release had a curious note advising the recommending of headphones when listening.
      • And it may encourage solicitors to advise silence for other than good objective reasons.
      • The doctor diagnosed the condition, advising doses of testosterone over any recommended levels.
      • He talked to friends, who advised the secure option.
      • Admission is free but donations are encouraged and early arrival is advised.
      • I wouldn't advise sleeping pills, but a nice warm bath might do the trick.
      • Long runs are not advised, as these require more endurance than stamina.
      • As my name suggests, I am not qualified to offer advice but I would advise caution
      • Letting go is of course not advised but only used as a demonstration.
      • The doctor then uses the diagnosis to advise the correct course of treatment for this particular patient.
      • Your doctor will assess you, and advise the best course of treatment to deal with the problem.
      • He is not against the idea of modernity, but advises caution.
      • The court would express the hope that whatever course was medically advised would be honoured.
      • He is, though, viewed as the man who would be more likely to advise caution.

    • 1.2(give advice to)

      (professionally) asesorar
      to advise (sb) when/what/how etc.
      • she advises me when and where to buy property
      he advises us on technical matters él nos asesora en los aspectos técnicos
      • The above guidelines advise against antibiotics because of their ineffectiveness, which may not be true.
      • I strongly advise against the incorporation of emergency laws into our ordinary legal system.
      • While it is may seem appropriate to bring flowers to a hostess, I usually advise against it.
      • I don't like to read books and generally advise against it, as it damages the eyes.
      • You should lock into a fixed rate for the best deal - but experts advise against tying up your money for more than a year.
      • We advise against all but essential travel to all other parts of Iraq.
      • They advise against the sales of items that could be faulty and pose a danger risk like the brakes failing on a pushchair.
      • Even if your security officers advise against it, why not pull over and mingle with the crowd?
      • All books printed over the last ten years advise against acquiring a kitten or puppy this way.
      • If you get a chance to sell your soul in the second week of February I would advise against it.
      • No, I don't mind people buying proof copies, but I'd advise against buying them to collect.
      • Experts advise against planting hostas closer in an attempt to get a full effect sooner.
      • I would advise against using it in the riot tomorrow, or at all, until you know how to work it.
      • He or she might advise against it because it may put you at risk of complications.
      • The experts advise against turning existing bedrooms into almost anything else.
      • I do not use fixed spools for heavy fishing and would advise against it.
      • The main body lies roughly to the north-east, though I advise against using a compass.
      • Most homeopaths advise against the use of essential oils if you are taking a homeopathic remedy.
      • He took the view that the course I had advised was entirely acceptable and ethical.
      • The aim of the course is to advise and assist parents in the bringing up of their children in a drug free environment.

  • 2formal

    (in writing) notificar formal
    to advise sb of sth
    to advise sb that informarle a algn de que
    notificarle a algn que
    they will advise him whether or not he is eligible le notificarán si reúne o no los requisitos
    • I was recently advised of a splendid plan to unloose some sparrow hawks in Glasgow's parks and squares.
    • I was advised of it by email from an Australian journalist, who asked for a comment.
    • She claims she was not advised of alternative pharmacies as the pharmacist refused to speak to her.
    • We were only advised of this legal position when we sought to follow up the progress of investigation of complaints.
    • I was not advised of anything except to come back to the House because the session was to continue.
    • We were not advised of the circumstances in which any member should withdraw.
    • The patient was advised of the fracture and was managed conservatively with a splint.
    • He also said that downloads from now on will advise people on the situation.
    • Officials are advising customers that the health risk is very small, but they say it is sensible not to eat the pizza.
    • Some officials who should be advising farmers were themselves awaiting details.
    • I am also advised by officials that there was one particular design fault in one of the windows of the cells.
    • I will amend archived entries to include corrections of fact and advise you accordingly.
    • The newspaper also asked why he would not name the lawyer who advised him that he was in the clear.
    • When I asked if I could fight this in court, I was advised that it was my word against theirs.
    • That was largely because we were advised by our lawyers that such an admission would not help in any litigation.
    • His lawyer has advised him that if attacked in his home he is within his rights to use the revolver.
    • If you're hurt in an accident, your lawyer can advise you on the value of your claim.
    • I am not arguing - I am advising your Honours as to the court's approach.
    • Last night we advised them that we were cancelling our subscription.
    • They had hoped to do their push along the road but were advised by police that it was too dangerous.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (professionally) asesorar
    to advise against sth/-ing desaconsejar algo/+ inf