Translation of advisedly in Spanish:


con conocimiento de causa, adv.

Pronunciation /ədˈvaɪzɪdli/ /ədˈvʌɪzɪdli/


  • 1

    (act/say) con conocimiento de causa
    I use the term advisedly utilizo el término intencionadamente
    • They looted anything of value, and I use that term advisedly.
    • Are you simply repeating someone else's propaganda in pursuit of a quick buck, and I use this term advisedly.
    • This kiwi kook, and I use the term kook advisedly, is taking nurturing to a whole new level.
    • The result, in the circumstances, can be identified as a failure to consider - and I use the term advisedly - relevant material.
    • For him some ‘goon’ - I use the term advisedly - keeps popping up to say, ‘Wait just a minute!’
    • Before proceeding any further, I should state at once that the latter term is used advisedly.
    • What makes these arguments insane - I use the word advisedly - isn't that they don't contain some possible germ of truth.
    • As a card-carrying heathen, I use the word advisedly.
    • Somehow that only makes the remaining 1% of fundamental - I use the word advisedly - importance.
    • Clearly, Novak knows the meaning of the phrase ‘CIA operative’ and he uses it advisedly.
    • I make the distinction between ‘real people’ and models advisedly.
    • Some would-be ‘experts’, I use the word advisedly, are of the opinion that this has to be our year.
    • I use the verb advisedly; this is no mere mild irritation.
    • I use the question mark in the above headline advisedly.
    • And it leaves one even more worried and frustrated - but at least advisedly so.
    • Conceivably, at least a third of the combatants - the word used advisedly - could have been dismissed.
    • I use the word advisedly because the word martyr means witness.
    • I use inverted commas advisedly, because there is nothing less real than a TV reality show.
    • Such a beast, and I choose the word advisedly, was advertised in a local paper.
    • Yet this description has been chosen advisedly.