Translation of advocate in Spanish:


defensor, n.


  • 1

    (supporter, defender)
    defensor masculine
    defensora feminine
    advocate of sth defensor de algo
    • He was a prime advocate of arguments supporting the holding of terrorism suspects without access to courts.
    • He is also an advocate of strong financial support for graduate students and their research.
    • I think he is a worthy advocate of the policy and he is also a worthy adversary for the press.
    • He is a strong advocate of a policy that he describes as ‘capitalism with a human face’.
    • We know for sure that the First Minister is not a long-term advocate of the policy.
    • Earlier, I talked with the Senator, a longtime advocate of education reform.
    • A staunch advocate of the policy, he created it as a model institution designed to teach both academic and industrial subjects.
    • A member of the Party and a former commerce minister, he is considered an advocate of free-market policies.
    • Then again, I'm not as much of an advocate of that particular policy as I'd like to be.
    • In general, I am a strong advocate of environmental protection and saving rare animal species.
    • ‘Anyone who has been through one of these races is a huge advocate of campaign finance reform,’ he said.
    • And when the US ignores that fact, it damages our own credibility as a global advocate of democratic reform.
    • Others championed him as an advocate of free speech.
    • Rather, I am a fierce advocate of basing American foreign policy on democratic principles.
    • He accepted that Hitler was an advocate of this policy.
    • To begin with, I'm an advocate of very healthy fiscal policies.
    • He's been a leader in election law reforms the past two sessions and an advocate of consumer privacy protection.
    • Bono has been the most consistent advocate of this policy of ‘national reconciliation.’
    • And he's an enthusiastic advocate of online technology.
    • He was a staunch advocate of tariffs and protectionism.
  • 2

    (in Scot)
    abogado defensor masculine
    abogada defensora feminine
    • The State advocates and legal aid counsel who were expected to arrive last weekend have not yet arrived.
    • Replying to a question by the advocate, he said he had not seen his client firing the rifle.
    • Both counsels, advocate for the State and for the defence, will resume argument today.
    • The advocates contended that their clients were unaware of the attempts to evict them because they were not notified.
    • The High Court has 350 advocates on the Bar, only 15% are black.
    • Like all lawyers, they are required to act as officers of the court as well as advocates.
    • That may or may not say something about English pleaders, English advocates, and English jurors.
    • Your Honours, at common law there is absolute privilege for what is said in court by an advocate.
    • The persons who appear and do counsel work, either in drawing pleadings or appearing in court as an advocate.
    • Many juvenile court advocates harshly criticized how the police handled young offenders.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (idea/course of action) recomendar
    (idea/course of action) abogar por
    (idea/course of action) propugnar formal
    to advocate -ing recomendar + inf
    • He advocated overseas colonization and supported the South in the American Civil War.
    • He has often publicly advocated a life ban for those athletes who test positive.
    • Lafontaine has recently come close to publicly advocating a grand coalition.
    • Would the member please withdraw the comment he made about advocating separatism.
    • How were your safe pest control methods received by the public when you first started advocating it?
    • They have advocated reduction of the role of government and public investment.
    • He advocated a wider hunt for candidates which he said should lead to more of a meritocracy.
    • We have also had one of the major political parties advocating franchise rights for prisoners in HM prisons.
    • Nashville's radio stations were deluged with angry callers advocating a boycott of the group's albums.
    • So it's not advocating acting like monsters, its saying they have no alternative.
    • Nevertheless, he is advocating a fine balance between free trade and trade restriction.
    • Yet I am not advocating a crass rationalism in which reverence, empathy and love have no place.
    • He was a realist, a pragmatist who saw little sense in advocating all-out attack if there were no players to execute it.
    • I'm not advocating laziness or saying we should stop caring about achieving our goals.
    • So all the president is doing is advocating a law that would harm his opponents and not him.
    • Simply running an ad advocating a position on a law has gotten them into a criminal court.
    • He is advocating the liberalizing of access to capital for potential businesspersons.
    • Exuding confidence and advocating a positive outlook, he has no harsh words for anyone.
    • Now is anybody suggesting for one moment the business sector would not be able to in fact advocate on its behalf?