Translation of aerate in Spanish:


remover, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɛreɪt/ /ˈɛːreɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (soil) (para que se airee) remover
    (blood) oxigenar
    (drink/liquid) gasificar British
    • This patient, a young woman, had obtained her nitrous oxide from cartridges of nitrous oxide used to aerate cream.
    • We've put pumps in to aerate the water and feed back oxygen into the dam for the fish to survive.
    • He must be aerating the soil, the blessed man.
    • Can evolution explain the earthworm's activities of loosening, stirring up and aerating the soil to make it more fertile?
    • Fountains play at either end of the main pool, aerating the water.
    • A whisk is the best tool for combining the liquid with the flour-butter mixture - it aerates the sauce as well as blends it.
    • They aerate the soil and leave nutrient-rich waste.
    • A layer of organic mulch on the surface continually adds soil-building humus, while feeding earthworms that tunnel to aerate the soil.
    • Cultivate 2 inches deep 7 days after treatment to aerate the soil.
    • Earthworms would now plow the pastures and aerate the soil.
    • The winter freezing and thawing will naturally aerate the soil.
    • For this reason, it is important to stir and aerate stored grain.
    • If you want a more ‘advanced’ tasting, clench your teeth and suck in some air to help aerate the wine.
    • And the drainage pipes aerate the soil nicely - especially the soil used to cover the pipes.
    • This is useful to control weeds and aerate the soil, which helps deter seedling diseases.
    • You also may need to aerate the water so the water organisms' oxygen needs are met.
    • There are a range of options to aerate soil, depending on the size of your garden.
    • You can reduce this ground compaction and add air to the soil by aerating your entire lawn.
    • He concentrated on feeding the bacteria, which aerate the earth and decompose organic matter.
    • To feed the microbes, plants must aerate sewage sludge with costly, power-hogging equipment.