Translation of aerodynamic in Spanish:


aerodinámico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɛroʊˌdaɪˈnæmɪk/ /ɛərəʊdʌɪˈnamɪk/


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    • Downforce is the combination of aerodynamic and centrifugal forces.
    • In flight, interactions between aerodynamic forces and a flexing airframe induce vibrations.
    • Integrating the effects of either the pressure or the velocity determines the aerodynamic force on an object.
    • In aerodynamics he introduced formulas for aerodynamic force and for the distribution of pressure.
    • Such modulation in steering muscle activity presumably causes alterations in wing motion and aerodynamic forces.
    • When a propeller produces thrust, aerodynamic and mechanical forces are present that cause the blade to vibrate.
    • While the wings flap, the inertial force due to the weight of the wings and the aerodynamic lift force both vary.
    • Again, anticipate the aerodynamic force so you may instantly respond with the right rudder.
    • The primary means by which a fly wing creates aerodynamic force is dynamic stall.
    • This is very different to most aerodynamic designs, which start with the vehicle and then determine the airflow.
    • How I thought that mere glue would hold under the heat and aerodynamic force, I don't know.
    • I tried to lessen the impact by being streamlined and aerodynamic.
    • It was sleek and aerodynamic, shone in his room like a light bulb.
    • Its smooth aerodynamic design was perfect for the way I liked to ride.
    • It is very smooth and aerodynamic, and thus maintains pattern density at longer ranges.
    • Some of these suits are reminiscent of the sleek, aerodynamic suits worn by speed skaters.
    • Lack of aerodynamic friction permits rapid rotation of thin sheets.
    • The backward tilt of the stroke plane elevates flight force during the upstroke by increasing the aerodynamic angle of attack.
    • The centrifugal force of the roll causes the fins to unfold for aerodynamic stability in flight.
    • The aerodynamic set-up of the car forces the windscreen practically to clear itself.