Translation of aeronaut in Spanish:


aeronauta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛrəˌnɔt/ /ˈɛərənɔːt/


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    aeronauta masculine, feminine
    • Ironically, the dunes remaining are not the ones from which the famous aeronauts tried their flying machines.
    • The aeronauts tested a three-winged glider, but when the lower wing kept catching on the dunes Avery removed it.
    • Cartier designed the first wristwatch so the aeronaut could check the time without removing his hands from the controls.
    • After experimenting for several years, the young aeronaut was about to make - perhaps - the first powered airplane flight in history.
    • Orville is the world's first aeronaut in a short flight lasting just 12 seconds and covering 37 metres.