Translation of aerospace in Spanish:


aeroespacial, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛroʊˌspeɪs/ /ˈɛːrəspeɪs/

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    (research/industry) aeroespacial
    • One of the most exciting and emerging fields of engineering is aviation and aerospace.
    • How do we preserve the strength and competitiveness of our aerospace industry?
    • These processes are used primarily by the aircraft and aerospace industries.
    • The agency is targeting the financial sector as well as IT, aerospace, creative industries and food and drink.
    • The American aerospace and computer industries simply wouldn't exist without it.
    • In the same way, aerospace often pulls out of downturns after the rest of a slumping economy is back on its feet.
    • Canada's aerospace industry has taken off with more lift than just about any other country's.
    • She made high grades in math and science, so was set on a career path of aerospace engineering.
    • Few parts of the aerospace or civilian airline industry bear much relation to free market theory.
    • Part of the perceived problem is a lack of graduates in aerospace engineering and other fields.
    • He continued to play and write songs while studying aerospace engineering at Bristol University.
    • The flight bug drove him to study aerospace engineering and serve as a Navy pilot in Vietnam.
    • He moved to Germany in 1996 where he studied first German and then aerospace engineering.
    • These are used in aerospace engineering, turbine manufacture, and power generation.
    • The aerospace industry is one of the largest employers in the United States.
    • This will jointly boost exports of aerospace technology throughout the region.
    • The air force was supported by the new and politically influential aerospace industry.
    • The aerospace industries are a central arena for trade conflicts between the US and Europe.
    • That the US aerospace industry is in need of a wake up call is no longer a question.
    • Despite the region's contribution to the national aerospace industry, we have seen a loss of jobs.
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    espacio masculine