Translation of aesthetics in Spanish:


estética, n.

Pronunciation /ɛsˈθɛdɪks/ /iːsˈθɛtɪks/ /ɛsˈθɛtɪks/


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    estética feminine
    • This eternal reality may be God, it may be eternal principles of justice or aesthetics, or it may be the ultimate laws of nature.
    • The politics of representation are often a detriment to the appreciation of aesthetics.
    • However she admits it is necessary to have an appreciation of aesthetics as well as the technical skills.
    • Blue skies are a natural phenomena; principles of aesthetics and design are not.
    • They have a much greater appreciation of aesthetics.
    • Appreciation of conventional cinema aesthetics, among both filmmakers and their intended audience, may be naïve or limited.
    • A butterfly's wing is a uniquely visual exhibition, not only of the aesthetics of nature, but of the machinery of evolution.
    • Chartres new luminosity and stained-glass windows illustrate a second principle of medieval aesthetics.
    • Thanks again for what you are doing to contribute to an appreciation of aesthetics.
    • But how many of us have ever appreciated the aesthetics of the underground terrain as we go from here to there?
    • There is a lack of overarching concern for aesthetics or consistency that runs deep within our political infrastructure.
    • However, real ‘urban design’ is not a matter for any profession and is not merely concerned with aesthetics.
    • This does not mean that aesthetics is irrational - see above.
    • Mindful of public aesthetics and my reputation, I put the garage door down first.
    • The addition of these trees to the school grounds will enhance the aesthetics of the landscape.
    • Concerns over health and esthetics motivated this campaign.
    • I spend less in the rooms and more in the common spaces, where wear and aesthetics are a concern.
    • I also appreciated the aesthetics of the heat sink.
    • The extended chokes especially are popular with clay-target shooters - and hunters less concerned with aesthetics.
    • ‘Physical fitness concerns itself more with aesthetics and appearance,’ he says.