Translation of affair in Spanish:


caso, n.

Pronunciation /əˈfɛr/ /əˈfɛː/


  • 1

    • 1.1(case)

      caso masculine
      affaire masculine
      the Watergate affair el caso / affaire Watergate
      • The revolution in military affairs refers to this new form of information-based warfare.
      • Martin also took a keen and active interest in political affairs and events happening around the country.
      • Hitler's growing involvement in the details of economic life matched an increasing intervention in military affairs.
      • The clash between the two parties over economic affairs led to the eventual breakdown of the coalition.
      • The competition tends to be very much a family affair, with a barbecue and refreshments throughout the day.
      • Make breakfast a family affair most mornings if possible - or as close to it as you can.
      • Make planning the menu, shopping for groceries and cooking the meal a family affair.
      • The fact the dispute was a family affair partly explains the eventual union victory.
      • We must grow it ourselves, through civil society and participation in social and political affairs - not through military force.
      • They were just looking to unseat the Republicans like the whole affair was a sporting event.
      • It is celebrated by Chinese all over the world as a family affair, a time of reunion and thanksgiving.
      • He said the enthusiasm surrounding the event warranted making the event an annual affair.
      • The true revolution in military affairs is the social revolution of the modern information age.
      • A revolution in military affairs suggests a fundamental change in all aspects of warfare.
      • In truth, the revolution in military affairs debate remains unsatisfying.
      • Why would one go to them for reporting of world affairs and events when much better reporting is available via the internet?
      • But in my experience, political and economic affairs tend to be a lot more complex than that.
      • For the actor-activist then, the festival this year is something of a family affair.
      • But after the McLeish affair, no matter is too trivial to be taken seriously.

    • 1.2(event)

      the wedding was a small, family affair la boda se celebró en la intimidad
      • it was a very formal affair fue una ocasión muy ceremoniosa
      • the last outing was a very different affair la última excursión fue muy diferente
      • affair of honor cuestión de honor

    • 1.3(business, concern)

      asunto masculine
      changing nationality is a complicated affair el cambio de nacionalidad es un asunto complicado
      • that's my/your affair! ¡eso es asunto mío/tuyo!
      • what I do in my own time is my affair lo que haga con mi tiempo libre es asunto mío
      • You can be aggressive when you need to resolve business and financial affairs.
      • You are blessed with a youthful outlook and dynamism to manage business or financial affairs successfully today.
      • It had been closed some months back after the organization intervened in the business's financial affairs.
      • These are just a few of the changes that could affect the way you handle your financial and business affairs.
      • A revenue audit is an investigation into the financial affairs of a business and its owners.
      • But on what basis does a government excuse its meddling into the private financial affairs of its citizens?
      • He complained that he could not sort out his private and financial affairs because he had to spend too much time in the middle.
      • We have no business to be involved in our patients' financial affairs and it is not appropriate to become involved.
      • The application of mathematics to trade and financial affairs is as old as mathematics itself.
      • Is he the victim of a smear campaign that has targeted his his financial affairs?
      • Countries such as Switzerland offer clients confidentiality which allows them to keep their business affairs private.
      • I never talk about clients' financial affairs.
      • He ordered a more detailed investigation of the Italian's financial affairs.
      • And they're taking care of their financial affairs here in the states.
      • The tangled financial affairs of the company are still being unravelled.
      • She had to produce a statement of affairs, which detailed she had debts of £321,325.
      • Instead, the Supreme Council of the Judiciary should take charge of all judges' budgetary and financial affairs.
      • I wouldn't disclose that, that's part of our financial affairs.
      • He was suspended in October 2002 pending the financial management of the financial affairs of the company.
      • Once his tax affairs came into the public domain, he resigned from the party.
      • As in all matters concerning the affairs of Muslims our guide is the Qur'ân.
      • She went from running errands to running his life, convincing him that she should manage his affairs and business matters.
      • We all need to realise that religion should be a private affair and a matter of belief.
      • She is more likely to be concerned with the affairs of her constituents rather than the egos of her peers.
      • Such groups must register and identify a person or people responsible for managing their affairs.
      • A hallmark of the eighteenth-century is the poet's concern with the affairs of the Gaelic nobility.
      • Let's stay out of affairs that don't concern us.
      • He led the two to the sidelines, knowing they need not air their private affairs in the middle of the ballroom.
      • He was never so concerned with the affairs of my life.
      • And therefore, we have to be concerned with the affairs of Eurasia.
      • As Empress, my affairs are concerned with the domestic well-being of our people.
      • Does it ever feel strange to Jane that Slotnick's so involved in her intimate affairs?

    • 1.4affairs plural(matters)

      asuntos masculine
      a man of affairs un hombre de negocios
      • home/internal affairs asuntos interiores/internos
      • He enjoyed a passion for collecting art and an interest in public affairs.
      • Besides farming and fun, the clan's big interest was politics - they all felt an interest in public affairs was a duty.
      • His interest in public affairs, especially in social questions, was keener.
      • The assistant vice chancellor for public affairs said the dispute was not a free speech issue.
      • Interest in Irish affairs continued throughout the 1880s, although the issue switched from land reform.
      • Our interest in international affairs continues unabated.
      • Harrison is renowned for his independent voice and impassioned commentary on public affairs.
      • Huang's interests also extend to public affairs.
      • Instead of allowing himself to dwell on his condition, he's devoted himself to public service and veteran affairs.
      • Moreover, she can't use her identity document as home affairs told her the number was being investigated.
      • All interviews had to be monitored by military public affairs escorts.
      • Cultural services, foreign affairs, and transportation receive only one to three per cent of the total budget.
      • Working back from the 1997 defeat, he held Cabinet posts in foreign affairs, defence, transport and Scotland.
      • The ties go way back and undergird the entire neocon movement and its traditional concern with Israeli affairs.
      • In Texas, the land commissioner is actually responsible for veterans affairs.
      • He said the ministries of transport and home affairs will be meeting to work out the details.
      • The nationwide campaign is advising women to visit their local home affairs office.
      • That reporter had misheard the British Embassy public affairs officer - the telephone lines are so poor.
      • According to the public affairs officer, the embassy is waiting for a bill from the municipality.
      • They were not allowed to participate directly in political affairs or take on church roles.

  • 2

    affaire masculine
    aventura (amorosa) feminine
    lío masculine informal
    she's having an affair tiene un amante
    • he had an affair with her years ago tuvo un affaire con ella hace muchos años
    • they're having an affair tienen relaciones
    • The restaurant is the best; an old-fashioned wood-and-leather affair with a horseshoe bar.
    • The back light, a scratched grey plastic affair which had come with the bike, was less satisfying.
    • His early albums were scratchy affairs, recorded using just a boombox with a cheap built-in microphone.
    • This parade was reported to be a lively and energetic affair, containing a record number of floats.
    • It was a panoramic, large windowed affair, on the seventh floor of the hotel, and we had a window seat.
    • His London gigs are particularly riotous affairs, I remark, and am rewarded with a proper beaming smile.
    • What a feeble excuse for a song that is, a classic non-quorate affair covering three notes throughout.
    • All in all, a trip to Italy at anytime in your life will never be a no strings attached affair.
    • The shirt was a sleeveless affair, worn open, with pockets all over the front.
    • Compare her wig in photographs to the somewhat inferior affair atop her head this evening.
    • The first half was a rather dull affair lit up with three goals but with little else to recommend it.
    • Whereas amateur websites used to be flat, static affairs, hobbyist designers can now make a site sing.
    • An Antarctic terrestrial ecosystem is not a particularly spectacular affair.
    • It will be a tense and tight affair with a single goal probably enough to seal a place in the semi final.
    • The awning, a huge tunnel tent affair, has remained in its storage space under the seat.
    • In the meantime, the game settled into a contrary, niggly affair.
    • Convention itself took less than ninety minutes to complete, and it really was a low key affair throughout.
    • This one is a white-stucco, Spanish mission-style affair in a residential quarter of Nashville.
    • Thus an issue of great concern for national security has been made into a partisan affair.
    • The final promised to be a quality affair and as matters unfolded it proved to be one of pace versus pace.
    • This is why extramarital affairs are so damaging.
    • Swingers often point to the high rates of clandestine extra-marital affairs when discussing this issue.
    • As well, different extramarital affairs demand different strategies on the part of the spouse or others.
    • Consequently, extramarital affairs constitute a significant problem for many couples.
    • The marriage has to be consummated before an extramarital affair becomes adultery.
    • With regard to online relationships and affairs, the Internet presents a potential new dynamic in couple relationships.
    • I think that the initial giddy passion that begins many affairs is a relatively superficial and insignificant thing.
    • Some researchers have made attempts to explain how and why online relationships and affairs occur.
    • Your spouse will view the affair or affairs as entitlement.
    • Other than a few torrid one night affairs, I was never serious with anyone else.
    • This is a weird one because it is not a traditional relationship, it is an affair.
    • She was having an affair with a girl but then tried to have a relationship with a guy.
    • Many women failed to view infidelity as a sign of disrespect as long as the affairs remained ‘hidden.’
    • He admitted to five different affairs and countless visits to massage parlors for ‘full-body’ massages.
    • At least one patient developed an obsession with pornography and engaged in extramarital affairs.
    • Besides domestic violence, she said cases involved extramarital affairs.
    • After all, affairs have to be with someone you know.
    • Let these affairs of the heart and mind remain as dangerous/delightful footnotes to a brilliant life-in-progress.
    • Middle ages men who take up running subsequently have affairs.
  • 3informal

    her dress was a very elaborate affair su vestido era un modelo super complicado informal
    • it was one of those new laser affairs fue una de esas cuestiones de láser que hay ahora