Translation of affectation in Spanish:


afectación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæfɛkˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ /afɛkˈteɪʃ(ə)n/

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    afectación feminine
    her accent is just an affectation su acento es pura afectación
    • she is completely without affectation no es nada afectada
    • Donald's love of sport was not some kind of affectation designed to bring him street credibility in constituency walkabouts.
    • Ri smiled and decided to drop her officious speech affectation.
    • Each of the performers is distinctive because of his or her unique appearance or affectation.
    • But these techniques are not stylish affectation.
    • ‘This is perhaps the creator's message,’ continued my vegetarian friend with the pious affectation.
    • They had, for whatever did not form part of their group, no affectation of contempt; their genuine contempt was sufficient.
    • He plays the guitar in an Irish band (it isn't a politician's affectation: they've been going for 20 years).
    • He doesn't use correct punctuation, and I think it may be more affectation than lack of education.
    • Despite what many of your comrades believe, showering is not just a middle class affectation.
    • Perhaps this second variety is not style at all, but affectation.
    • But showing off is one thing, and vanity is another, and envy is a third, and affectation is something else.
    • This hint at rags is a fashion, or affectation, that I find offensive.
    • Not every American politician could manage this, without affectation.
    • With flamboyance and little affectation, she explained the functions and advantages of optical fibre communication.
    • Call it affectation if you will, it's still particularly well done.
    • In a lesser artist and person, we might have suspected mere affectation, or an attempt at playing the reluctant genius.
    • Names drop from her lips without a hint of affectation.
    • His work was lucid, direct, perceptive and totally without affectation.
    • Surely even most conservatives cringe when they see this type of ridiculous affectation.
    • First names are not used, a classic public school affectation.