Translation of affectionate in Spanish:


cariñoso, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈfɛkʃ(ə)nət/


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    to be affectionate toward sb ser cariñoso con algn
    your affectionate son, Peter tu hijo que te quiere, Peter
    • She may like to deny it but she is vulnerable and can be tender and affectionate.
    • That movie was tender and affectionate without being pedantic.
    • His father and mother were very affectionate and I was closely associated with his family.
    • Because of their affectionate and sensitive nature they are used for riding and companionship programmes.
    • They were lovely people, but not affectionate like Lou's family.
    • Conversely, my husband has formed affectionate bonds with my family.
    • It only takes one or two treatments and they resume a gentle, affectionate interest in their family.
    • She was still affectionate towards the family, but she didn't warm up to people as easily as she once had.
    • However, the breed has a basic gentle and affectionate nature, and is really a loving animal.
    • Now, you might have a look and decide that it's simply in your nature to need a more affectionate and attentive man.
    • The Yorks were a close-knit and affectionate family and the princess had a secure and uncomplicated childhood.
    • Although affectionate and loyal by nature, this combination can be aggressive in relationships.
    • He was a man of marked dignity of character and most affectionate nature.
    • I come from a very loving and affectionate family where hugs and kisses are given all the time.
    • Throughout his life he had affectionate and devoted friends.
    • He has many close friends and admirers and has proved himself to be a loving and affectionate father.
    • You saw for the first time this evening that the Prince of Wales referred to his mother in a very affectionate way.
    • Huskies, on the other hand, are very devoted and affectionate.
    • At the prompting of their stern but affectionate father, the boys manage to make peace with their new schoolmates.
    • You're better off learning how to become an attentive, affectionate and skilled lover.