Translation of affidavit in Spanish:


declaración jurada, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæfəˈdeɪvɪt/ /ˌafɪˈdeɪvɪt/


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    declaración jurada feminine
    affidávit masculine
    to swear an affidavit hacer una declaración jurada
    • Would you read onto the record the affidavits that contain the evidentiary material that is before us?
    • When carrying out the enquiry the Court acts upon affidavits rather than oral evidence.
    • Although late in delivering the affidavits of documents the affidavits have now been delivered.
    • Put another way, it is the content of his affidavit or statement which determines the assertion.
    • The appellant's solicitor swore an affidavit as to why the witnesses were not called at the trial.