Translation of affiliate in Spanish:


afiliar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈfɪliˌeɪt/ /əˈfɪlɪeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to be affiliated to sth estar afiliado a algo
    an affiliated member/union un miembro/sindicato afiliado
    • She encouraged the Association to look at how members are affiliated with the organization.
    • At the time my favorite magazine was Boys Life, some publication affiliated with the Boy Scouts Organization.
    • Look for groups affiliated with a reputable organization or hosted by an expert.
    • They demanded involvement in one or more of the innumerable organizations run by or affiliated with the party.
    • I am not affiliated with any organization or group and have never received any major funding from anyone.
    • Many students here, whether or not they are actually affiliated with the Union, are MPs-in-the-making.
    • The club has fully qualified coaches and is affiliated with the local Football Association.
    • Associates are affiliated with the community, but do not take canonical vows.
    • The regime limited unions not affiliated with the Government in their attempts to advance worker rights.
    • Also ask the researcher if they are affiliated with a research group or a national organization.
    • Most farmers' organisations are affiliated with one or other of the political parties.
    • The most dangerous of the insurgents are those affiliated with the previous regime and their allies.
    • The programme lacked lustre as no commoner was present except for those affiliated with the government in some way or the other.
    • The competing club teams and are not affiliated with high schools.
    • Since I am not now affiliated with any political party nor any election slate, I am not recruiting anybody.
    • He stressed that the new economic team must be filled with professionals not affiliated with any political party.
    • I think it's pretty clear, looking at the site, that it is NOT affiliated with the government.
    • In short - you can choose how closely you would like to be affiliated with our new journey!
    • All are affiliated with slates consisting of similarly minded candidates.
    • He is an agnostic and not currently affiliated with any political party.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to affiliate to/with sth afiliarse a algo


  • 1

    filial feminine
    (in relation to other group companies) empresa afiliada feminine
    • Finally, several national organizations have begun to help their local affiliates start charter schools.
    • Those affiliates and organizations assigned personnel to fill the slots.
    • Our technology affiliate has highly trained specialists who have earned their stripes.
    • Markets were opened by the government to products produced by affiliates overseas.
    • Almost all affiliates and subsidiaries were anchor companies in the country's economy and many of them did business all over the world.
    • For ten months I was a volunteer intern at the Irish Film Archive, an affiliate of the Film Institute of Ireland.
    • It has expanded internationally, with overseas affiliates in Macedonia, the United States and Switzerland.
    • Should it provide affiliates with services or with strategic direction?
    • If the affiliates make a public call for an independent inquiry, I think they would have to act.
    • Most observers expect the membership to bless the idea of expansion, either through an affiliate or a subsidiary.
    • Here, a distinction needs to be drawn between the networks, their affiliates and cable television companies.
    • The relationship between the national office and local affiliates is still evolving, still being worked out.
    • Now, some say, vendors should focus on helping affiliates do business more effectively.
    • Local cable and satellite affiliates will distribute the food donations to local food banks.
    • Understanding your affiliates financial model is critical to the success of any program.
    • We realized that several local and state affiliates had such committees in place.
    • Similarly, a company may draw components and supplies from a subsidiary or from an affiliate or on the open market.
    • Another affiliate supplies security equipment and services in the co-op service area and beyond.
    • Eight places on each committee will be reserved for the nominees of the affiliates.
    • From those small beginnings, the federation today has affiliates in more than 170 nations.
  • 2affiliate member

    miembro asociado masculine