Translation of affirmation in Spanish:


afirmación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæfərˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/ /afəˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    afirmación feminine
    • Girls feel enhanced by continuous social affirmation while boys feel diminished.
    • The girl was silent for a moment, then she nodded, grunting in affirmation.
    • The nun's words were punctuated silently by her sisters' nods of affirmation.
    • Leigh nodded in affirmation and made his way back to the car.
    • Trying to bring her own emotions back under control, she nodded her head in affirmation.
    • The other guard nodded in affirmation and began to head down towards the bathroom.
    • He looked inquisitively at his future sister-in-law and she nodded in affirmation.
    • The officers nodded in affirmation and pulled out their guns.
    • It has also been a period of greater affirmation of human consciousness.
    • They did this in various ways, an example being the investment in university education and the social affirmation that went with it.
    • Each person is seen as trapped within his or her own private bubble, in constant need of affirmation and recognition.
    • The constant affirmation throughout the play is keeping the lines of communication open.
    • I guess I need to make some sort of affirmation to myself.
    • I think the point is that the youth is in a situation in which the symbols of courage and affirmation have inevitably become twisted.
    • What might seem like skepticism ends up as affirmation because of the poet's commitment to honesty.
    • For them, Birthright was a powerful, emotional affirmation of everything they already believed.
    • An enormous impetus behind this interest was the kind of parental affirmation that it received.
    • Friends usually do have something to gain from each other, be it companionship or affirmation of existence.
    • Human life should be a search for meaning, but meaning only comes through affirmation.
    • The most difficult young people are often the most damaged young people, the most in need of affirmation and support and love.
  • 2

    testimonio masculine
    • Perhaps we might also ask whether he will take an oath or make an affirmation in respect of those matters of fact which he is going to put before us.
    • This was treated by both sides as a direction that affidavits or affirmations were to be evidence at this trial, even though the deponents did not attend for cross-examination.
    • Magistrates upon appointment take oaths or make affirmations in the same form as Justices of this Court and the members of other federal courts.
    • This is what he said we must do: ‘We need to make our agenda clear in a review of the oaths and affirmations.’
    • Are you prepared to take the oath, or will you make an affirmation?