Translation of affirmative in Spanish:


afirmativo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈfərmədɪv/ /əˈfəːmətɪv/


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    (reply/statement) afirmativo
    (form/particle) Linguistics afirmativo
    • The very fact that the statement is qualified implies or at least suggests an affirmative answer.
    • Nods and affirmative statements came from everyone in the room.
    • Then you will have to get an affirmative answer.
    • On the surface, the obvious answer seems to be affirmative.
    • The affirmative answer was engineered, predetermined and deafening in its repetition.
    • Every time there's an affirmative answer, the volunteers ring a bell to spur one another on.
    • With half a season to go, an affirmative answer is required sooner rather than later.
    • The rule gives one point for an affirmative answer to each question, and scores of 4 or 5 predict response to spinal manipulation.
    • On the other hand, as I have mentioned, a trend has emerged to give an affirmative answer to the question ‘Should writing be studied?’
    • I will think about it and get back to you… although my answer is more affirmative than not.
    • His reaction to his classmate's affirmative answer is telling.
    • she held her breath, hoping to hear an affirmative answer.
    • She continued to ask the same question, repeatedly, throughout the meal, despite Sammy's reliably affirmative answers.
    • He got affirmative answers from three different people.
    • He hadn't been confident of her affirmative answer at all.
    • Despite his reservations, the answer is decidedly affirmative.
    • He raised his eyebrows, which Dan accepted as an affirmative answer.
    • The present results provide an affirmative answer to this question.
    • She examined him for bruises, while he nodded his affirmative answer.
    • The patient giving an affirmative answer to any of these questions would merit a more detailed assessment.
    • As we saw earlier, the logical empiricists held that the answer to this question is affirmative, and the logician largely agreed with them about this.
    • In general then, the relation of subject to predicate in a true affirmative judgment is the relation of what is at least relatively indeterminate to what at least partially determines it.
    • In arguments of this form, all three propositions (the two premisses and the conclusion) are universal, affirmative, and assertoric.
    • Human nature may even require the application of affirmative and negative propositions: Man is an animal and man is not an animal.
    • If any of the two terms of an affirmative categorical is "empty", then the term in question refers to nothing.


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    put these sentences into the affirmative ponga estas oraciones en afirmativo
    • This resolution might, on the surface, seem to lean towards the affirmative, but there are several advantages to both sides.
    • It's a tricky problem, but I think I incline towards the affirmative.
    • And I'm undecided as to whether golf is really a sport, but I'd tend towards the affirmative.
    • Well, it remains to be seen, although we can now once again toss our bets towards the affirmative.
    • Whether or not the man was dead was a matter of conjecture, but this last fact swayed my opinion towards the affirmative.