Translation of affirmative action in Spanish:

affirmative action

discriminación positiva, n.


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    discriminación positiva feminine
    • And call it what you like, but we need positive discrimination, or affirmative action.
    • They have been appointed on a basis that reflects political correctness or affirmative action.
    • It should also contain a clear statement by the union in favour of affirmative action.
    • Perhaps we should take a positive view, and look at this as affirmative action at its most effective.
    • Then, there are those who see affirmative action as a form of reverse discrimination.
    • It's a ridiculous jump to assume the only aim of knowledge is immediate affirmative action.
    • For many years, it served as the primary basis for affirmative action programs.
    • He soon will get another chance to stake out a position on affirmative action.
    • Is affirmative action to reverse the legacy of discrimination an idea whose time has passed?
    • The legal question at issue here is whether affirmative action is constitutional.
    • However there is no pressure for compliance with any of these affirmative action programs and much needs to be done.
    • Besides advocating a crackdown he is also proposing affirmative action to help young people.
    • He has supported affirmative action, but warned people of the damage it can do to social cohesion.
    • They plan to host a summit next March to focus on the importance of affirmative action for women.
    • Many argue that we can and should still make the case for affirmative action.
    • Opposition to quotas is not the same thing as opposition to affirmative action.
    • The Court had previously made clear that affirmative action could not last forever.
    • This view is utterly independent of my views on the merits of affirmative action.
    • We want to know what you think about the upcoming case and affirmative action in general.
    • All the companies surveyed indicated that they have affirmative action policies in place.

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    • Una política del gobierno de Estados Unidos que exige que se favorezca a las minorías y a las mujeres a la hora de escoger a los candidatos para puestos de trabajo o para entrar a la universidad.