Translation of affix in Spanish:


poner, v.

Pronunciation /əˈfɪks/

transitive verb

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    (stamp/seal) poner
    (notice) fijar
    • Make sure your copyright notice is affixed to copies in such manner and location as to give reasonable notice of your copyright.
    • Once the border on the wood is engraved, a fine cotton canvas is affixed to the wood with rabbit skin glue - a binding agent that is soaked in water overnight and then heated.
    • At least one fastener affixes the mounting bracket and component to the chassis.
    • Until he can find a way to affix them more securely to his house, he says, they will remain stored in his garage.
    • The bath included a 10-cm glass Petri dish to which tubing was affixed with cyanoacrylate glue.
    • I used double-sided tape to affix the ribbon to the paper.
    • And who is responsible for what happens once the photograph is affixed to the gallery wall or printed in the fine volume of war photography?
    • Each cable also includes an appropriate amount of clips and screws to properly affix the cables to the floor.
    • I am enclosing the card on which the Post Office wanted me to affix the necessary stamps.
    • Their job was to go through the cards that all the journalists needed to have, register their seats, affixing the numbers to the seat along with the journalists' names.
    • Anyway, I went over to right the fan and after affixing the cover I turned it on.
    • Using only my wits and finely honed eye-hand coordination, I successfully affixed two labels.
    • My photo is affixed to this document, and it, too, has an official stamp from the government.
    • The patch is actually affixed to the skin and then, over time, it releases a steady stream of hormones.
    • They were affixed to plywood that was displayed on the walkway to Parliament Hill.
    • In my effort to ‘push the envelope,’ had I perhaps neglected to affix sufficient postage?
    • I affix a leather saddle to his hairy back and ride him into many righteous battles.
    • It would be relatively easy for every community to affix geodetic coding on the signs as they are placed.
    • Located next to the clip is a hole for affixing a lanyard to the base of the knife.
    • Finally, he agreed to sign and affix his fingerprint to the four-page confession the police had written for him.


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    afijo masculine