Translation of affluenza in Spanish:


afluenza, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæfluˈɛnzə/ /ˈafluːˈɛnzə/


  • 1

    afluenza feminine
    • There are many exceptions to the rule, but a fear of affluenza has prompted some wealthy parents to disinherit their children for magnanimous reasons.
    • But the kind that presents to general practitioners and is counted in statistics as part of the growing crisis in mental health is a different kind of malaise, better described as affluenza than depression.
    • But the problem of affluenza goes beyond constructing a sound estate plan for wealthy parents.
    • A shift away from affluenza, if we're lucky enough to witness one, will come gradually, over a generation perhaps.
    • In a culture beset by affluenza or luxury fever, many hard-working people who are employed full time nonetheless don't earn enough to pay the security deposit necessary to rent an apartment.