Traducción de afford en Español:


Pronunciación /əˈfɔrd/ /əˈfɔːd/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (have the ability to pay for)
    to afford to + inf
    I can't afford that luxury yo no puedo permitirme ese lujo
    • I can't afford a new car no me alcanza el dinero para comprarme un coche nuevo
    • you're always buying clothes, how can you afford it? siempre te estás comprando ropa ¿cómo haces?
    • I just can't afford the time to do it es que no dispongo de tiempo para hacerlo
    • We pay for the link, we pay for the computational mills, but corporations put money in too and it's got to the point where we couldn't afford to buy enough computation on our own anymore.
    • They couldn't afford to buy enough wine for the whole party, so they didn't buy any at all.
    • It seemed that they couldn't afford to spend enough on maintenance.
    • When we arrived in Atlanta, we couldn't afford a room at the Marriott.
    • Architect Stephen Atkinson wanted a built-in bookcase in his condo living room, but he couldn't afford the $3,000 price tag.
    • A report said that poorer people couldn't afford healthy food and couldn't afford exercise. Can't the reporters conceive of exercise outside a gym?
    • But this time he had run out of money ‘I couldn't afford it any more and I had to leave,’ he said.
    • I didn't have any money and couldn't afford a computer, so I wrote it on index cards.
    • Some of my friends have been giving money but I couldn't afford it because I've just bought my own place.
    • I couldn't afford to pay €45 a week out of the money I get.
    • I couldn't afford to pay my tuition, I couldn't afford my rent, and I could barely scrounge up enough money to buy food.
    • They couldn't afford the repayments and they couldn't afford to sell.
    • They took Catholic girls who weren't smart enough for Notre Dame High, or who couldn't afford the fees and uniform.
    • Inside the room was an electric guitar, something Conor couldn't afford, but something the club was willing to loan him for performances.
    • The airline company explained it had run out of money and couldn't afford severance payments.
    • Most of the students were young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who couldn't afford to go to school because they had to earn money for their families by working on the streets.
    • If I lost my job, I couldn't afford to go to university, I couldn't afford to live in London and I'd have to stop being as active in my support of freedom.
    • What can you afford to do now that you couldn't afford to do before?
    • At first I couldn't afford to pay real models, but now I have about 15 pals who pose for me.
    • A member of the Law Society rose to speak about his tireless work to create some form of legal aid for those who couldn't afford to hire a lawyer to defend themselves.
  • 2formal

    (provide, offer)
    (view/advantage/protection) ofrecer
    they were afforded no special privileges no se les concedió ningún privilegio especial
    • The club affords the opportunity to people of all ages, male and female, to take up this healthy sport.
    • But a day at the races affords the perfect opportunity to indulge in a frivolous piece of fun fashion.
    • I need a new and positive mental outlook, and the new year affords an opportunity to put that into practice.
    • The online archive affords opportunity to research other characters from the play.
    • Each route affords opportunities to see and buy from artists of all disciplines.
    • On the contrary, it affords new opportunities for understanding and living with the past.
    • Fining over the top of the wrecks and around the hull affords a great opportunity to grasp the size of the ships.
    • It affords opportunities to solve problems and demonstrate the concern of the care team.
    • Such a break gives each a little holiday from the other and affords the chance to recharge their batteries to face the challenges ahead.
    • We had an agreement that if he thought the cloud cover was too low to afford a decent chance then he would not show up at my door.
    • With its combination of images and sound, it affords the greatest opportunity to influence people.
    • A roof-top bar affords superb views, and there are several other more traditional drinking places.
    • Gardening affords these people the opportunity to use their creative skills.
    • Such an unhurried environment affords me the opportunity to reflect more.
    • We have also worked very hard at keeping our staff by affording them opportunities to progress through the ranks.
    • We knew deep down that we were a good team and this game afforded us the opportunity to prove it.
    • The ability and the talents of youth must be brought to light by affording them the needed facilities.
    • I have a job that affords me the luxury of bringing my children with me to work.
    • It covers two levels and affords spectacular views from its upper floor.
    • There is a shaded area at the top of a hill nearby that affords a good view, is quiet and is very pleasant.