Translation of Afghan in Spanish:


afgano, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæfɡæn/ /ˈafɡan/


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    afgano masculine
    afgana feminine
    • Then they said they would stay back and try to help the Afghans effect national reconciliation.
    • Some weapons will be blown up while usable weapons will be handed over to the Afghan's own national army, which is now being formed.
    • The Turks and Afghans who served in the Moghul Army are believed to have brought this dish to Hindustan.
    • He is a Shiite Afghan by nationality who was raised in a farming community close to the Iranian border.
    • The largest single group of students are Chinese, followed by Afghans, Russians and Somalis.
    • The government said the injured also included Afghans, Swiss, Australians and Canadians.
    • It also had a number of Afghans and Aborigines living in and around the town.
    • For two weeks American forces had been camped along with Romanians and Afghans in the centre of Kandahar.
    • And some of the first relationships to develop were between Afghans and Aboriginal women.
    • There is no such coverage and hence no such understanding of the plight of, for example, Afghans or Congolese.
    • They have nothing to do with the aspirations of the Kashmiris or the Afghans.
    • Roberts retrieved the situation that time, but the British lost to the Afghans again in 1919.
    • The cultural context of the Indian soap opera was also very easy for Afghans to relate to, she said.
    • With the Russians gone, ordinary Afghans expected a return to calm.
    • The poorest Afghans and the richest Afghans are all coming back to the country to do what they can.
    • The Afghans munched on their pomegranates; an American soldier smoked a cigarette.
    • This inhospitable and isolated place is temporarily home to some 33,000 displaced Afghans.
    • He said 5,000 Afghans had come to Britain in the last six months.
    • What information do you have about other Afghans who have returned home or been sent home?
  • 2also Afghan hound

    afgano masculine
    afgana feminine
  • 3British also afghan coat

    chaquetón afgano masculine
  • 4afghan

    manta o mantón de punto (blanket, shawl)