Traducción de aficionado en español:


aficionado, n.

Pronunciación /əˌfɪʃəˈnɑdoʊ/ /əˌfɪsjəˈnɑdoʊ/ /əˌfɪsjəˈnɑːdəʊ/ /əˌfɪʃ(j)əˈnɑːdəʊ/

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nombreplural aficionados

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    aficionado masculino
    aficionada femenino
    • Still, his aficionado's enthusiasm for Wagner's operas numbs him to the sensitivities and dilemmas of others.
    • Christmas comes early for opera aficionados and classical music enthusiasts.
    • To architectural aficionados and style buffs, it's the only one of the many property programmes worth watching.
    • But I can't help but feel that this is a book written by an aficionado for other aficionados.
    • Only the techiest of aficionados will find complaint with this video presentation.
    • The story also conjures up several anecdotes that will be appreciated by Brit-pop aficionados.
    • A literary detective story is still a detective story and aficionados of the whodunit won't be disappointed.
    • Like other Brontë aficionados, he probably imagined she had a detailed knowledge of the book, but it turned out she had not read it.
    • It is a haven for architecture aficionados and a gastronomic delight for lovers of sweets and desserts.
    • For the true aficionado, a beer is a special type of travel souvenir, to be greedily consumed and tucked away with all its heady memories.
    • It's a clever thing to write a book that entertains the expert as much as the ignorant, that amuses the aficionado as much as the amateur.
    • He was a gun aficionado, and he had a collection of guns always around him.
    • In addition to being a prolific writer and editor, he was a connoisseur of art, an expert on forestry and an aficionado of historic houses.
    • Cat blankets, so the aficionados say, are good for rheumatism.
    • In fact, as aficionados of the English language will know, a palindrome is a word whose letters spell the same forwards as backwards.
    • In England, some ales retain their popularity among aficionados.
    • For the aficionados, there are ways of telling the cars apart.
    • It was a real and rare treat for aficionados of modern jazz.
    • Without a doubt this show has an appeal that reaches beyond photography aficionados.
    • That diversity is the band's true strength and is a very welcome change for us jaded music aficionados.