Translation of afoot in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈfʊt/


  • 1

    (under way)
    plans are afoot to create … hay planes / proyectos de crear …
    • there is a campaign afoot to … se ha puesto en marcha una campaña para …
    • what's afoot? ¿qué se está tramando?
    • Preparations are afoot, measurements are made, ground is staked out.
    • But plans are already afoot to ensure that the festival is revitalised next year.
    • The other good news is that there are plans afoot for there to be a free festival next year!
    • Plans are afoot for a visual art research institute in currently vacant university buildings.
    • At the present time, plans are afoot to develop the harbour area.
    • Plans are afoot to run an indoor football league over two days.
    • The Christmas lights have just been erected and already plans are afoot to have an even better display next year.
    • Plans are afoot for the construction of dressing rooms and toilets.
    • There are also plans afoot to float television channels in other South Indian languages over the course of the year.
    • Plans are afoot for a complete refurbishment of the building, and in the meantime Michael is developing the food side of the business.
    • Plans are afoot to construct one more platform to station more buses.
    • Plans are afoot for an official celebration of the win, and the mayor said that they are already planning for next year.
    • The sites became redundant following a reorganisation of special education, and plans are afoot to sell them for housing.
    • Plans are also afoot to introduce a new green bin scheme, which collects compostable waste, including cardboard.
    • There is even a plan afoot to offer half-year membership for half subs, in a membership drive to be held in the ground later this month.
    • Plans are afoot to stage three soul nights over the next year.
    • There are plans afoot… but it would be premature to talk about them now.
    • Out the back is a space for all kinds of creative outlets like painting and pottery and plans are afoot for a veggie garden.
    • Plans are now afoot for a small screen adaptation of the much-loved novel.
    • And talk is afoot of a large scale class action discrimination suit to be filed against the university.
  • 2US

    (on foot)
    a pie
    • But to the younger generation, a winter holiday means action- and down through the 'Swamp hollow' and over the hill road they go, afoot or in sleighs, through the drifting snow, to a barn dance at the Centre.
    • I suppose from the looks of things that I shall have to go afoot the rest of the way.
    • She went afoot all the way to our house. I founded her sleeping on the grass in the morning.
    • He went afoot, both that he might arrange many matters, and by way of training them to bear a parting from him.
    • Although they went afoot they expected to come back mounted for when they raided another tribe they depended on stealing enough horses to get away on.