Translation of afoul in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈfaʊl/


  • 1

    we had got the ropes all afoul se nos habían enredado las cuerdas
    • Well tonight, something has gone afoul with a fowl.
    • In the midst of the public outcry about the team's expenditures and eccentricities, Joe stepped afoul of the law.
    • Although as the final paragraph says, the group may have still fallen afoul of the law by not putting complete addresses on some of the pamphlets.
    • I don't know if that was the problem or if something else went afoul.
    • Still, she ultimately wants to prevent the debilitating financial judgments against employers who were acting in good faith but unwittingly went afoul of the law.
    • But when a talent show prank goes afoul, tempers flare.
    • You could run afoul with your business partner though you had planned on being friends or married for life or someone might want out, even though there's no exit plan.
    • Ironically for someone who is supposed to be a champion of clean politics, he has fallen afoul of the very rules that were introduced to stamp out political corruption.
    • Moreover, there is this tiny but significant possibility that all this is driven by nothing else but my desire to run constantly afoul of my middle class upbringing.
    • However, something is afoul in the city that never sleeps.
    • But globalization has also fallen afoul of a younger group of critics.
    • Finally, the plants must respect the factors that are always present or that may run them afoul of the local jurisdiction.
    • We have fallen afoul of censorware companies before, but they've always been able to remove us from their blacklist in a few minutes.
    • Run afoul of such a policy, and you risk not only being fired, but losing control of your business.
    • This, however, soon runs him afoul of Frankie who as you might have guessed is a blonde.
    • But opposition figures reiterated the pro-democracy positions that first ran them afoul of the government ahead of the trip.
    • The treatment of social issues in her films, including several documentaries, has run her afoul of the government.
    • Running afoul of the regime, he was forced to seek asylum in a neighbouring country.
    • They objected to the religious laxity of the sultan and ran afoul with him.
    • Falling for a fellow teacher runs him afoul of the principal, who has designs on the woman.