Translation of afresh in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈfrɛʃ/


  • 1

    to start afresh empezar de nuevo
    • we need to look afresh at this problem tenemos que darle un nuevo enfoque al problema
    • the fighting began afresh the next day los disturbios se reanudaron al día siguiente
    • Tomorrow the great leader's axiom will be recalled afresh once again.
    • A new Convention was therefore elected, to begin the task afresh; but once more it was soon stalemated.
    • My intention is to look afresh at the monument with a different kind of vision.
    • Like so many of the other selections, this unfamiliar arrangement allows us to hear the timeless words and their meaning afresh.
    • A forgotten part of the city's commercial heart is stirring afresh thanks to the to the hard work and enthusiasm of local traders.
    • He would be 35 at the end of it and, even if anybody wanted to employ a man with such a tarnished reputation, he would be too old to start afresh.
    • The endless repetition of incorrigible and isolated individuality is the statement and each time he makes it he makes it afresh.
    • The advantage I have as an outsider coming in is that you see things afresh, and you don't have the baggage of who you played for and what you did.
    • Humour is a way of reframing events, of looking at them afresh.
    • I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and start afresh.
    • They have to be learnt afresh with each new generation, and they are easily lost.
    • If civilisation lay in ruins, then there was a momentous opportunity to sweep away this heap of broken images and start afresh.
    • In view of this situation, his works required to be deeply studied afresh.
    • It challenges viewers to think afresh about issues of peace, war, colonialism and slavery.
    • But when I hear them afresh, they never fail to amaze me by their brilliance.
    • This is a good time to look afresh at personal relationships to rejuvenate the friendship you may have lost.
    • In the light of that information, he looked at his findings afresh.
    • He also said that subsidies in power, agriculture and other sectors also needed to be looked at afresh.
    • They will erase all aspects of their former life and start afresh.
    • I mean, we were supposed to have left all this behind and have started afresh.