Translation of Afro in Spanish:


peinado afro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæfroʊ/ /ˈafrəʊ/


  • 1

    peinado afro masculine
    (hairstyle/look) (before noun) afro
    • He still had his signature haircut, the Afro, and he dropped his hands to his sides, walking toward me.
    • He is about 5ft 10 ins tall, Afro-Caribbean with quite a large Afro hairstyle and is of a skinny build.
    • His Afro hairstyle was not well combed or groomed.
    • We're trying to grow our hair into Afros, but that part isn't working too well.
    • It was her mother who broke the deadlock and marched her over to the Beauty School to have the renowned stylists turn her straightish hair into an Afro.
    • I had a natural Afro and at one point a scraggly beard.
    • He had short black Afro style hair and also spoke with a London accent.
    • For his costume, the District Court judge donned an orange prison jumpsuit, arm and leg shackles, an Afro wig and black face paint.
    • The driver - a dark, podgy man with a thick Afro haircut - nodded and drove.
    • He now has a pot belly while his Afro haircut of the 1980s has been replaced by a short-cropped style and his beard has gone from black to grey.
    • The trappings of black power, Afro clothing, and plaited hair have appeared and disappeared.
    • I opened the card envelope and pulled out a picture of a young boy with a bushy Afro and glasses as thick as my fingers.
    • The men's beards, be they puffy, pointy or kinky, provide visual balance to their outsize Afros.
    • Dressed in 1970s-style winter coats and wearing soft Afros, they smile for the camera.
    • With his bushy Afro, kneepads and high, striped socks, Arizona's senior power forward is called old-school.
    • His Afro adds an entire foot to his height, and his thick, long eyelashes look like they're stuck together with tears.
    • For most of his adult life, he had worn it closely cropped, but several years ago decided to let it grow out into a woolly Afro.
    • His lips are full with a hint of a smile, his gaze intense, his visage emboldened by the tilt of his beret covering his Afro.
    • It wasn't far off an Afro; close enough, anyway, to get me into bother with the blatantly bald headmaster at my grammar school.