Translation of aft in Spanish:


a popa, adv.

Pronunciation /æft/ /ɑːft/


  • 1

    (go) a popa
    (sit/be) en la popa
    • It is an unusual design of ship, a collier with engine-room aft and wheelhouse amidships.
    • Heading aft towards the stern, we found the mizzenmast collapsed, which was why it had not shown up on the sonar.
    • An airman inspector noticed the starboard aft wheel was missing all but one of its lug nuts.
    • The entire stern section of the wreck is tilted aft and to starboard.
    • The galley is aft to port and has a stove, oven, top loading icebox and double sink.
    • We all followed and went aft of the aircraft, away from anything that might injure or kill us.
    • The master stateroom is aft, fitted with twin berths outboard on each side of the cabin.
    • I went under the nose and climbed up the ladder built into the bottom hatch just aft of the nose wheel.
    • All her aft compartments flooded, swiftly sending the boat to the muddy floor of the loch, 55 ft down.
    • The vessel is dual decked and the aluminium deckhouse is fitted aft of midship.
    • The area of unknown damage aft near the bow on the starboard side was only a few metres past the housed anchor.
    • When we got to our ship, they weren't ready for us to land, so we had to orbit a mile aft of the ship while they got set up.
    • We circled aft of the ship for what seemed to be another eternity, waiting for them to steady up.
    • The armory was really divided up into two separate rooms in the aft portion of the ship.
    • It was at that time that another depth charge exploded close to the aft starboard fin.
    • The helm is forward to port and there is an enclosed head aft of the helm seat.
    • Behind the helm there is a double seat facing aft and a small wet bar behind the port side lounge.
    • The stern is beginning to split from the aft part of the wreck and is falling to starboard.
    • When he went aft to add some oil to the engine, he slipped on spilled oil and fell overboard.
    • Navigation can be particularly difficult on the aft part of the wreck.