Translation of after in Spanish:


después de, prep

Pronunciation /ˈæftər/ /ˈɑːftə/


  • 1

    (following in time)
    después de
    I'll be at home after eight o'clock estaré en casa después de / a partir de las ocho
    • after 20 years of dictatorship después de / tras 20 años de dictadura
    • after a few days/months después de / al cabo de unos días/meses
    • it's just after midnight son las doce pasadas
    • it's a quarter after two son las dos y cuarto
    • after work después del trabajo
    • the meeting is after dinner la reunión es después de / luego de la cena
    • you'll feel better after a shower te vas a sentir mejor si te das una ducha
    • after college she joined the army al terminar la universidad se alistó en el ejército
    • we ran out of water after only 100 miles habíamos hecho apenas 100 millas cuando nos quedamos sin agua
    • they arrived after us llegaron más tarde / después que nosotros
    • I bought the book after reading the reviews me compré el libro después de haber leído las críticas
    • the day after her birthday/the party al día siguiente de su cumpleaños/de la fiesta
  • 2

    (in sequence, rank)
    day after day día tras día
    • they made mistake after mistake cometieron un error tras otro
    • one after the other uno tras otro
  • 3

    • 3.1(behind)

      shut the door after you cierra la puerta al salir/entrar
      • he ran after them corrió tras ellos

    • 3.2(in pursuit of)

      the police are after him la policía anda tras él
      • all the men were after her todos los hombres andaban tras ella
      • he's just after my money solo le interesa mi dinero
      • what are you after in that cupboard? ¿qué buscas en ese armario?
      • I think she's after something creo que anda tras algo

    • 3.3(about, concerning)

      see also ask after, inquire

  • 4

    • 4.1(in view of, considering)

      después de
      I'll never forgive him after what he's done no lo voy a perdonar nunca, después de lo que ha hecho
      • after all I've done for you? ¿después de / con todo lo que he hecho por ti?

  • 5

    (in the style of) al estilo de
    (in the style of) a la manera de
    (in honor of) por
    (in honor of) en honor de


  • 1

    después de que
    (+ infinitive) después de
    it happened after you left ocurrió cuando ya te habías ido / después de que tú te fuiste
    • after examining it después de examinarlo
    • after he died, the house remained empty al morir él / cuando él murió, la casa quedó vacía
    • the day after we arrived al día siguiente de nuestra llegada
    • after you've washed it, hang it out to dry cuando / una vez que lo hayas lavado, tiéndelo para que se seque


  • 1

    (afterward, following)
    soon after poco después
    • let's have the cheese now and the dessert after comamos el queso ahora y el postre después
    • the day/weekend after al día/el fin de semana siguiente
    • I ached for days after (después / luego) estuve dolorida varios días
    • My mother died soon after and left me the house, which is where I run my business from and make a small living.
    • Their other brother came soon after and now the three of them share a flat in Sofia.
    • We went to Anna's place after and then to see one of her friends for a wee while.
    • The audiotapes will be released shortly after the conclusion of each of the arguments.
  • 2



  • 1

    in after years en años posteriores
    • At the head of the creek is the farm on which his grandfather was born, and in this beautiful locality were early nurtured those principles of liberty, which shone so brightly in his after years.
    • In his after years, he never omitted an opportunity of urging young men to avail themselves of every means of education offered to them.
    • This grand old man in his after years had the honor of enjoying what he had once seen.
    • This was the first intimation of his "Human Comedy," which was so daringly undertaken and so nearly completed in his after years.
    • In his after-years he became very fond of entertaining his friends with the reminiscences and experience of early life, an interesting fund of which a good memory had blessed him with.