Translation of afterbirth in Spanish:


placenta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæftərˌbərθ/ /ˈɑːftəbəːθ/

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    placenta feminine
    • A placenta or afterbirth is attached to the wall of the uterus and is the source of food and oxygen for the puppy inside the matron.
    • Display the position of the afterbirth so that any problems arising from its incorrect positioning can be safely managed.
    • The calf must have been delivered through the birth canal (the uterus was intact) and then both it and the afterbirth were abducted.
    • The last stage of the birth process involves the delivery of the placenta, which is now called the afterbirth.
    • Sir James Frazer, writing in the early 20th century, noted that ‘even in Europe many people still believe that a person's destiny is more or less bound up with that of his navel-string or afterbirth.’
    • After she had her baby, Sam kept her afterbirth in the freezer for about three years - she planned to plant it under a tree, according to some ancient tradition.
    • Obediently Olympia sipped a cup of water, and Daphne cleaned up the child and afterbirth.
    • Though the baby was covered with afterbirth, I felt an incredible love for the child.
    • Foxes carry away such fatalities and are often seen in the lambing fields hoping to scavenge afterbirth.
    • In addition, flock owners should dispose of aborted foetuses, still born lambs and afterbirths quickly and safely.
    • After the baby is delivered, the placenta's job is done and it is delivered as the afterbirth.
    • Indeed simple precautions such as the cleansing and disinfection of lambing sheds between batches of ewes, and the removal and proper disposal of afterbirths, can significantly reduce the potential for the spread of the disease.
    • ‘She cannot move yet! ‘protested Naomi, ‘She has not passed the afterbirth!’
    • Additional insurance is provided by delayed expulsion of the afterbirth, which allows the pup to remain secured to its mother by the umbilical cord for up to an hour after birth.
    • At the moment I am lying here absolutely exhausted from the whole mental and physical process of childbirth - I mean the afterbirth was a bit like having another baby.
    • In early spring, they often consume the afterbirth of cows and sheep.
    • Anne and Paul cleaned the afterbirth off of the dark, big-eyed baby horse.
    • In Xhosa tradition, the afterbirth and umbilical cord were buried or burned to protect the baby from sorcery.
    • The doctor worked steadily delivering the afterbirth and cleaning me up.
    • He then looked over at Karen as she lay there, reclining on the bed while the doctor set about the task of finishing up with the afterbirth delivery.