Traducción de aftereffect en Español:


efecto secundario, n.

Pronunciación /ˈæftərəˌfɛkt/ /ˈɑːftərɪfɛkt/


  • 1

    (of drug) efecto secundario masculino
    (of problem) secuela femenino
    (of problem) repercusión femenino
    • There are graphic depictions of needle-use and the after-effects of long-term drug use in this story.
    • Meanwhile, the major customers are lost and the after-effects ripple throughout the company's supply chain.
    • Suffering from a hangover - the after-effects of too much alcohol - is such a common experience that there has been little research on it.
    • You may feel some of the after-effects of the trauma a few days or a few weeks from now.
    • None of these has any side effects on your baby and no after-effects on you, either.
    • The method has no after-effects but is recommended by doctors only after examining the patient carefully.
    • She said pupils take drugs at the weekend and are still suffering after-effects when they come back to school.
    • ‘This time of year is stressful enough as it is, so imagine having to deal with the after-effects of a car break-in too,’ he said.
    • Such landslides are one of the after-effects of construction work carried out in violation of building regulations and regardless of any planning.
    • There were after-effects that nobody had anticipated.
    • This apparently made him take a resolve to raise awareness on diabetes and help people get proper treatment so that they do not suffer from its after-effects.
    • Minutes pass, and I don't seem to notice any after-effects.
    • Among the possible after-effects of meningitis are the amputation of fingers or toes and the danger of losing one's hearing.
    • She also said the after-effects of the virus could strike much later into life, sometimes decades after the attack.
    • Well, first I called my sister and had a long talk with her about the after-effects of the hurricanes.
    • The after-effects of the stroke included aphasia, a condition affecting the language centres of the brain.
    • He is still recovering from the after-effects of the condition.
    • He said he had never had any doubts about going through the transplant procedure, which had not caused him any after-effects.
    • Caffeine and alcohol give a temporary charge but have adverse after-effects.
    • The after-effects of such schemes are known to most of the victims through the media and other sources.