Translation of aftershave in Spanish:


loción para después de afeitarse, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæftərˌʃeɪv/ /ˈɑːftəʃeɪv/


(aftershave lotion)
  • 1

    loción para después de afeitarse feminine
    aftershave masculine
    • The clear gel is a skin prep, shaving gel and aftershave lotion.
    • I was also a little too aware of the scent of his aftershave or cologne, and the way it was making me faintly dizzy.
    • When finally they kiss, Elaine closes her eyes, inhaling the scent of his skin and aftershave.
    • We were so close I could smell the faint scent of his aftershave.
    • He dabbed his face with a towel and then rubbed some aftershave into his skin.
    • He held her tightly, and she inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of his aftershave.
    • Matt stepped out of his room and she could smell the minty scent of his aftershave.
    • There are perfumeries and cosmetics for the lady in your life and aftershave or toiletries for him.
    • Don't forget to put on deodorant every morning, and don't apply too much cologne and aftershave.
    • A sniff of perfume, aftershave, air freshener or deodorant can trigger a potentially deadly reaction because of a rare allergy she has developed.
    • Now athletes are using more familiar smells, such as their favourite aftershave or perfume to trigger memories of their strict training regimes.
    • Most of us have a favourite perfume or aftershave which we hope to be replenished at this time of year.
    • Mia snuggled into the coat, which smelled like aftershave and cologne.
    • I wondered if he wore any kind of aftershave or cologne, or if he naturally smelled that good.
    • The room smelt of coffee and paper with a slight tint of men's aftershave, a masculine musky scent.
    • I cuddled up to him and caught the clean, fresh tang of his aftershave, buried deep in his clothes and skin.
    • Hair is often close-cropped and, if you're lucky, there's a gentle aroma of aftershave.
    • As he walks past me I am hit by the power of his aftershave.
    • Start the evening with a shower and some nice deodorant or aftershave.
    • But when he got home his parents saw he had wet hair and smelled of aftershave and asked him what had happened.