Translation of again in Spanish:


otra vez, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈɡɛn/ /əˈɡeɪn/


  • 1

    (another time, once more)
    otra vez
    de nuevo
    I had to do it again tuve que hacerlo otra vez / de nuevo
    • try again vuelve a intentarlo
    • I've told you time and time again! ¡te lo he dicho mil veces / una y otra vez!
    • don't ever do that again! ¡no vuelvas a hacer eso!
    • I'll never speak to you again no te vuelvo a hablar en la vida
    • never again! ¡nunca más!
    • not again! ¡otra vez!
    • not soup again! ¿otra vez sopa?
    • what's his name again? ¿cómo dijiste que se llamaba?
    • To resort to the good old cliché yet again, one can wait and watch the drama unfold in the days to come.
    • Old friends are met again as new friends leave my social sphere, ringing in the changes.
    • Once again, feel free to listen again and make any adjustments you deem fit.
    • This was brought home to me yet again the other day by a Japanese friend, a young man.
    • Once the woman was gone and the door was closed once again, Jeremiah grinned again.
    • Yet again, we're being offered a product to meet a need that doesn't exist.
    • The fault lies clearly, yet again, with inefficient and inept council officers and management.
    • But now it is clear that, yet again, entertainment is being confused with education.
    • That's when he was hit by thieves yet again when somebody broke the trailer loose from the truck.
    • He was delighted to be re-elected and delighted to have topped the poll yet again.
    • He stands up yet again, pats several pockets and produces a large, heavy object on an impressive gold chain.
    • In the past, promises have been made, kept and broken, and they are being made yet again.
    • But if the national theatre model has to be reworked yet again, a decision could be months away.
    • The adage that there are no permanent enemies in politics has been proved true yet again today.
    • I was listened to with interest and was invited to return again when more of the workers were present.
    • Later that day he returned again, shame-faced, and said he wanted to give the money back.
    • I wrote again asking that they provide the full copies of the records as requested.
    • The next day I saw him again on the way back from the beach.
    • We met again, after two months – the next time she came to Dorset.
    • I saw them again the following night, and they were every bit as good the second time.
  • 2

    (in comparisons)
    we've done 40 miles and it's as far again to the border ya hemos hecho 40 millas y nos quedan otras tantas para llegar a la frontera
    • heating may cost as much again la calefacción puede llegar a salir otro tanto
  • 3also then again, there again

    (on the other hand)
    they might go, but (then) again they might not puede que vayan, pero también puede que no
    • (there) again, what do they know about art? además / por otro lado ¿ellos qué saben de arte?