Translation of against in Spanish:


en contra de, prep

Pronunciation /əˈɡɛnst/ /əˈɡeɪnst/

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  • 1

    (in opposition to)
    en contra de
    we voted against the motion votamos en contra de / contra la moción
    • she set my own son against me puso a mi propio hijo contra mí / en contra mía
    • I'm against capital punishment estoy en contra de la pena de muerte
    • if you're not with us, you're against us si no estás con nosotros, estás contra nosotros / en contra nuestra / en contra de nosotros
    • two against one dos contra uno
    • personally, I've nothing against her personalmente, no tengo nada contra ella / en contra suya / en contra de ella
    • have you got something against going by train? ¿tienes algún problema en ir en tren?
    • he succeeded against all expectations contrariamente a lo que se esperaba, lo logró
    • it's against my principles to eat meat comer carne va en contra de mis principios
    • I advised her against driving to work le aconsejé que no fuera al trabajo en coche
    • her politics are against her su postura política no la favorece
    • It is vital in the fight against crime that the public is able to trust law enforcement officials.
    • He has fought against it in government, in opposition and within his own party.
    • In opposition, we were against the privatisation of air traffic control, then did the opposite in power.
    • People don't like to change their ways and all great change has come against opposition.
    • Many of the relays doing very well up against stiff opposition and bad weather.
    • In fact we have publicly challenged and argued against those of his ideas we disagree with.
    • Testing ourselves against opposition of this quality is one reason why we need to bounce back into the top flight.
    • He said they were up against opposition from some people who were concerned at the damage done to the hillside.
    • The sooner serious and public action is taken against organised crime, the better.
    • That's a very European idea, which needs to fight against a tough tide of facts for survival.
    • Footage from existing cameras is already helping in the fight against crime.
    • The fight against burglary, anti-social behaviour and serious drug crime are at the top of our list.
    • A town centre has been awarded safer shopping status in recognition of its fight against crime.
    • News that technology is assisting the fight against crime has been welcomed.
    • As has been said so many times before - in the fight against crime there can be no compromise.
    • And he also credited the public as having played a major role in the fight against crime.
    • Just why a public body should set itself up to start a fight against its own public is a mystery to me but they sure have a fight on their hands now!
    • But he said they were an important weapon in the fight against terrorism and organised crime.
    • It is one of the various small ways in which the public can fight back against the people who are undermining their quality of life.
    • We also need the respect of the general public in the fight against crime and drugs.
  • 2

    (in opposite direction)
    to swim against the current nadar contra la corriente
    • A curtain has been fixed at the eastern end of the shelter as a protection against the driving wind and rain.
    • Vines are trained on low bushes as protection against the strong winds.
    • He had a brown suede jacket with light brown denim pants, his collar was turned up against the wind.
    • It says the crop residue holds soil in place and protects it against wind and rain.
    • The skin is constantly hydrated and has protection against line-producing dehydration.
    • I've repotted my ornamental grass into a deeper pot, to give it better protection against drying out.
    • The best protection against loss, damage or injury due to wildfire is prevention.
    • Without protection of the sails against a merciless sun, it became unbearable on deck.
    • Rounded towers and thick bulwarks provided maximum protection against the siege engines of that era.
    • Protection against winter cold will give some plants in the garden a better chance of making it through to the spring.
    • As to the protection against lightning, there is not much difference between the two.
    • The roof of the cabin has been engineered to provide protection against head injuries in the event of a collision.
    • Currently, parents wanting protection against polio are offered oral vaccinations.
    • Some people have a strong resistance against the flu virus, while it caused others to die.
    • Not only will they be unable to use parasols for protection against the sun, they will not be allowed to take in food or drink.
    • The early poncho was worn by men of all classes as a garment for protection against the rain and cold.
    • Well saved turf was the only protection the family had against cold and disease in winter.
    • How does she pick a male whose genetic complement confers protection against disease?
    • The only other protection against the elements was a 2ft high wall at the back of the shelter.
    • Again the opportunity to identify the importance of protection against cold for survivors at sea was missed.
  • 3

    • 3.1(alongside)

      the table stood against the wall la mesa estaba contra la pared
      • they checked the list against the original cotejaron la lista con el original
      • he put a cross against my name puso una cruz al lado de mi nombre
      • This is done by cutting off all fruited canes at the base and untangling new growth and tying it to supports against the wall or fence.
      • After one last, warning crush, he let go, my frame slumping against the wall for support.
      • She put out a hand against the wall for support, and took several soothing breaths.
      • Neighbours then heard an argument, the sounds of somebody being pushed against a wall and banging doors.
      • The police Sergeant said a man grabbed her by the hair and pinned her against the wall.
      • She was grabbed by the hair, pushed against the wall and had her head banged several times by the accused.
      • The delegation heard that one inmate had complained that his head was repeatedly banged against a wall by an officer.
      • He held my head in his lap so I couldn't bang it against the wall, and he wrapped his arms around me and held me.
      • In other incidents I have received bruises, a sprained thumb and had my head banged against a wall.
      • He said the man grabbed hold of him and banged his back against a low garden wall four or five times.
      • The man finally stops his kicking and he grabs me by my hair and slams me against the wall.
      • Rocky almost knocked him out when he burst in the house, slamming the door against he wall.
      • She slowly crawled over to the right of the door, leaned up against the wall, and brought her knees to her chest.
      • The door was slammed hard against the wall, sending it rocking on its hinges.
      • It is helpful here to perform the postures against a support such as a wall.
      • To help keep the plant in check, it is best grown in a container and the stems trained against a support.
      • It banged against the wall with a resounding thud that echoed through the ship.
      • There was another thump, and then something banged up against the door to her lab.
      • She banged her head lightly against the wall and heard the ringing noise of metal.
      • I can relate to that desire to light a wood fire and sleep against the ground and watch the stars and the coming light.

    • 3.2(on, onto)

      to lean against sth apoyarse contra algo
      • to bang one's head against the wall darse con la cabeza contra la pared

  • 4

    • 4.1(in contrast to)

      it stands out against the dark background resalta contra el fondo oscuro
      • Behind us, a small silhouette against a light grey sky was the castle.
      • Mai appeared at the door, silhouetted against the brighter light from the other room.
      • All but one of the boilers remained in position, silhouetted against the green water and ambient light.
      • It was silhouetted against the flames and it looked like a huge rocket.
      • They were monolithic silhouettes against the summer night, sharing the fate of all buildings.
      • Its benign silhouette squats against the southern sky like some fat Buddha.
      • The first thing we see on stage is the old lady in her rocking chair silhouetted against a window.
      • Its silhouette against the sky is unique, the sound of its engine unmistakable.
      • Black clouds obscure flashes of orange light against the night sky in the city.
      • It was not quite dark and the lights looked really cool against the dark blue.
      • Silhouetted against the afterglow, these fiercest of hawks formed an impressive picture.
      • I set up behind a thick screen of rushes, staying low so that I wasn't silhouetted against the sky.
      • Gaze up at the horizon and see the silhouette of the fort against the night sky.
      • Others climbed high, silhouetted against the sky, before returning to the marsh.
      • Eight mounted figures appeared on the other ridge, silhouetted against the sky.
      • The stern grey walls of the city were silhouetted against the flaming sky as the sun set.
      • With the cirrus they created a faint lattice of white against light blue.
      • The little one stands at the entrance to the cave, her form black against the light of the full moon.
      • We walked out of the station and I looked up at the city walls, silhouetted against the darkening evening sky.
      • They said one firework looked like a traffic light but he could see none of the colours against the night sky.

    • 4.2(in comparison to, in relation to)

      our results look poor against theirs nuestros resultados desmerecen al lado de los suyos / comparados con los suyos
      • the pound dropped to a new low against the dollar la libra registró un nuevo mínimo frente al dólar
      • The benefits of overthrow must of course be weighed against the horrific costs of war.
      • Vaccinations are expensive and costs must be weighed up against the risks involved.
      • Businesses say the advantages of trading with Europe have to be weighed against the increased cost of red tape.
      • This has to be weighed against the cost of redeeming early and the fees that often accompany taking out a new deal.
      • The harm of ending an incipient life must be weighed against the consequences for society.
      • The various institutions which affect opportunity must be weighed against each other.
      • The benefits of this approach must be weighed against the morbidity of the procedure.
      • These considerations must be weighed against the harm to the man as a result of testing.
      • But the huge provision of liquidity by the Federal Reserve could weigh against the dollar.
      • But this long-term view has to be weighed against all the work that needs to be undertaken now.
      • The risks of taking medicine have to be weighed against the risks of depression.
      • If you weigh that against good behaviour for the last year does that warrant releasing him into the public?
      • Having to make decisions can be stressful, because you have to weigh one option against another.
      • The doctor said the benefits of any radiotherapy had to be weighed against the risks of the treatment.
      • Weighing against this are the potential inflation effects of the weak dollar.
      • The need to be met is not weighed against other needs in such a way as to order a phasing of the process.
      • However, this must also be weighed up against the standard of medical care available.
      • Once again the advantages and disadvantages have to be weighed against each other.

  • 5

    (as protection from)
    it's insured against theft está asegurado contra robo
    • it's no good against the cold no protege contra el frío
  • 6

    • 6.1 formal (in return for)

      it can only be issued against payment in full solo puede expedirse si se abona en su totalidad
      • Invoice financing is similar to factoring, where banks lend against sales and money owed by debtors.
      • Landlords can offset the interest they pay on their mortgage against rental income to reduce the amount of tax they pay.
      • This has resulted in massive volume growth in lending against rising asset values.
      • Investors who plough money in these schemes can offset rental income against tax.
      • Mortgage interest will be allowable against rental income and VAT is recoverable.
      • Those loans will often be secured against the value of the property on which the advances are being made.
      • I have recently taken out a loan secured against my property, so am I going to regret it?
      • Negative equity occurs when the loan secured against a property is greater than the value of the property itself.
      • Think long and hard about borrowing money against the roof over your head.
      • Furthermore, many clubs have borrowed money against future season ticket sales.
      • The one major advantage property does have is that it's much easier to borrow money against it.
      • In a recent article, we wrote about the dangers of borrowing money against your home.
      • That way co-buyers can choose to top up items which are almost ready to be bought, or start a new item with no money against it.
      • He must carry forward the unused part of his limit for set off against his income in the following year.
      • In the Eighties, tax breaks were offered against money invested in tree plantations.
      • The family wanted to use the farmhouse against borrowing money to buy further farm land.
      • It has also been reported that some institutions may even lend against a work of art to buy more art!
      • Arrange an expensive short-term loan secured against these properties until they are sold.
      • Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up payments on a mortgage or any other loan secured against it.
      • Housing associations would be able to secure bank loans against the properties to carry out repairs.

    • 6.2 literary (in anticipation of)

      en previsión de
      • Claire gritted her teeth against the pain, a high, keen sound escaping her lips.
      • Uranium was used to shield tanks against attack by conventional armour-piercing weapons.
      • It is, for the time being, a great insurance against any terrorist attack.
      • Groaning and biting her teeth against the pain she pushed herself to her knees.
      • During the Second World War the defences were rescarped against tank attack.
      • She clenched her teeth against the pain that flooded through her and tried to calm down.
      • He closed his eyes and let his power surge through him, gritting his teeth against the torrent.
      • Artists may join a union from which they receive insurance against unemployment.
      • Daniel gritted his teeth against the overwhelming sensations that were taking hold of him.
      • Gritting his teeth against the agony, he slowly turned his head to look at Danny.
      • The film shows how she and her mother battled against her learning difficulties.
      • Brushing at night is important as it protects teeth against acid attack while you are asleep.
      • It covers your repayments against accident, sickness, involuntary unemployment.
      • They thus gave permission for them to take out insurance against damage suffered.
      • He says his action has stalled because he will not go to court without insurance against the possibility of losing.
      • In which case, would it not be prudent to take out some insurance against the event?
      • By the way, a large number of cyclists carry insurance against third party claims.
      • It was my insurance against fate, and I had to make sure that nobody would take it away.
      • How could the government especially appear so defenseless against a direct attack?


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    en contra
    there were 250 votes for and 300 against hubo 250 votos a favor y 300 en contra