Translation of age group in Spanish:

age group

grupo etario, n.


  • 1

    grupo etario masculine formal
    the 12 to 15 age group el grupo de edades comprendidas entre los 12 y los 15 años
    • children from a younger age group niños menores / de menor edad
    • That age group is the biggest category in the applications received by the Bureau.
    • Nowadays it seems that everyone is at different stages of learning in the same age group.
    • Perhaps my age group will be middle-aged for longer than any previous generation.
    • You will be talking to a person in your own age group, and the service is totally confidential.
    • These people were mostly pensioners, belonging to the age group written off as past it by most employers.
    • I thought thank goodness there are some of his age group who have the guts to put in print his opinion of Great Britain.
    • They are concerned that the age group of these people is getting lower and lower.
    • The foundation tries to guide children to read books suitable for their age group.
    • Meanwhile, the Government has extended its New Deal employment scheme to the same age group.
    • She added that the classrooms and cloakrooms were very large and airy and ideal for the particular age group.
    • Sarina came first in the slow modern solo, tap solo and neoclassical solo for her age group.
    • Each age group put on their own show, which was enjoyed by the large attendance on the night.
    • If you can dominate your age group when you're out of form, then you know you're good.
    • Laura does most her training for swimming and is ranked in the top five for her age group in that sport.
    • All are in my age group, have similar interests to me and write in English.
    • The complex has a lot of people who are in our age group and who are parents of young kids too, so we have a lot in common.
    • All the boxes were marked with the age group that the gift was suitable for and whether it was for a boy or a girl.
    • It was far more relevant to the age group being examined and far better pitched, he said.
    • His years away at school and college meant he had been cut off to some extent from those of his age group.
    • He is the current England number one in his age group and has won the national singles title for the last three years.