Translation of agency in Spanish:


agencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪdʒənsi/ /ˈeɪdʒ(ə)nsi/

nounplural agencies

  • 1

    agencia feminine
    advertising/press/model agency agencia de publicidad/prensa/modelos
    • Firstly, Scottish Enterprise is a government-funded agency not a government department.
    • In the education service the governing body of each agency is the employer of the chief executive.
    • The article then goes on to include the title of the report and the specific agency that issued it.
    • So far the executive agency of the Department of Health has said it does not divulge information about faults.
    • In urban areas not subject to traditional governing bodies, these alternative agencies often sufficed.
    • The regulatory agencies and local bodies seem to be turning a blind eye to the problem.
    • It draws from every Cabinet department and some independent agencies.
    • The company will also look to service the needs of Namibian government departments and agencies.
    • This is the one agency and government that not only is allowed to pray, it's demanded.
    • The confusion does not just extend to government and public agencies.
    • Second, we do not yet have good coordination among government agencies and regulatory bodies.
    • Others complain of the huge amount of paperwork and the array of agencies and government bodies they need to deal with.
    • We believe the Department of Justice is the appropriate agency to look into this matter.
    • The usually secretive agency is best known for its major role in creating the Internet.
    • The leading role in it should be taken by federal agencies of the defense sectors of industry.
    • Section 17201 does not include any references to governmental agencies or political entities.
    • Meanwhile, the Prime Minister announced a separate agency to deal with WMD.
    • The governmental agency that takes care of this long term arrangement is the IRD.
    • Now it is Iraqis and one agency alone has 150 foreign workers on its books.
    • Ownership rights with different agencies of the Government have aggravated this neglect.
  • 2

    sucursal feminine
    filial feminine
  • 3

    organismo masculine