Translation of agenda in Spanish:


orden del día, n.

Pronunciation /əˈdʒɛndə/


  • 1

    orden del día masculine
    agenda feminine
    the first item on the agenda el primer punto del orden del día
    • the issue is high on the agenda el tema figura entre los asuntos más importantes a tratar
    • the matter is top of the agenda es un asunto prioritario
    • that defeat wasn't on his agenda no tenía prevista esa derrota
    • In most cases they raise the funding on the basis of their own agendas, plans and proposals.
    • Top of the agenda were plans for the Atlantic League designed to accommodate big clubs from the smaller countries.
    • Advocate for inclusion, but if they fail them in that regard, they should create their own programs and agendas to address the needs we neglect.
    • Critics are also right in suggesting that his policy agenda is somewhat bereft of concrete plans.
    • The next generation of Black leaders will need to address agendas more in economic terms than social or political.
    • It is helpful, for example, to take one of Weber's type characteristics and ask what agendas it actually addresses in a given setting.
    • I find… that my own plans and agendas are none of anybody else's business.
    • An optimal time to interview the patient alone is after the family interview has addressed the issues and agendas of the family members.
    • In and around Joburg, different entertainment houses have different agendas and plans for the Easter weekend.
    • McBean assumes a similar stance when addressing the agendas of his army.
    • Moreover, a new WTO round will have to address developing countries' agendas or they will not agree to its launch.
    • The second and third reflect the need to address two agendas, the patient's and the doctor's.
    • I have felt for a long time that, unless theatre addresses the public agenda, it will die.
    • And worse still for the government, the row has exposed the real agenda behind their plans.
    • A great day is planned with wining, dining and dancing top of the agenda and all are welcome.
    • These extreme situations provide an agenda for policymakers that students of strategy can address.
    • Kim Beazley put the plan on top of the agenda when launching his campaign last Wednesday.
    • Having just sown Kuttinger and Nantes carrot seeds on my plot, this is top of my agenda for the coming weeks.
    • Pay, independence and limits on the numbers of directorships held are top of his agenda.
    • A raft of football-orientated programmes will keep the game top of the agenda throughout the week.