Translation of agent in Spanish:


agente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪdʒənt/ /ˈeɪdʒ(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(for person)

      agente masculine, feminine
      election agent representante electoral
      • By that time, I was in the sort of semi-media business as an agent handling writers.
      • The role of the publisher could change markedly and perhaps be collapsed into that of the writers and their business managers and agents.
      • Actors, agents and managers go home happy with a tasty 10-15% of their clients' payday.
      • But behind the scenes there are angry agents, frustrated writers and a queue of people itching to say, ‘I told you so.’
      • Before long, I established a relationship with him that was part publicist, part business agent, and part supplier.
      • With a considerably larger cast of main characters, this second novel takes in three generations and a wide milieu of itinerant bed-hopping actors, theatrical agents and journalists.
      • So then I get bombarded with 18 million resumes and 8x10s, and I'm being chased down the street by agents and actors, and so I get on a boat and sail out to sea.
      • ‘Everyone wanted a rave film; agents were telling writers to do a rave film,’ he recalls about the early days of development.
      • Young women writers (and their agents and their editors) are making money and gaining power.
      • At times I wonder why some of the actors have agents in Hollywood whereas I strongly feel that an Indian star will look the best in an Indian flick.
      • But one of the strongest arguments on behalf of sports agents is that they can help athletes preserve and grow their wealth.
      • I rarely deal with agents because we breed our own players and I won't deal with agents on their behalf.
      • If he is able to explore his options, don't be surprised if at least 10 teams make an initial call to his agent on Spikes' behalf.
      • Well, you know what we found out was that there are a lot of people in her life who are not famous - agents, publicists, promoters.
      • I sent out 20 or 30 copies of the first three chapters to agents and I had six agents who wanted to represent me.
      • In a first letter to the club, Magnier and McManus questioned the role of agents in recent transfers in and out of United, and the money paid to them by United.
      • Not that Everett is exactly hassling his agent for alpha male roles.
      • I was rehearsing for a small part in Chicago, though my agent felt a understudy role in Alabama was more likely.

    • 1.2(for company)

      (person) agente masculine, feminine
      (person) representante masculine, feminine
      (firm) agencia feminine
      • From a product manufacturer's viewpoint, there continues to be a growing need to provide value-added services to agents.
      • Another service such agents provide is a temporary loan.
      • Some mobile service agents will also provide you with a replacement mobile phone while yours is being repaired.
      • In BVI, the Bahamas, Niue, and the Seychelles, the parent company acts solely as a company formation agent and provides related services.
      • The new system will improve service for agents and distributors and provide a platform to enhance sales-force effectiveness.
      • Moreover, a company will need to make sure that it's getting the right level of service from a third party serving as the outsourcing agent for many different organizations.
      • Developers or agents often provide a letting agency as part of their service but the information you gather here is unlikely to provide a truly objective view.
      • I'm sure that most customers would prefer to have a service agent much closer to office or home, and not need to have the added customer service of a courtesy car.
      • Communicate with buyers and organic certifying agents concerning GMO contamination issues.
      • She did not advertise the unit for rent, nor did she employ the services of a rental agent or of a real estate firm.
      • Property agents and consultancy companies whose information network and service quality are poor will find no recourse but to leave the playing field.
      • The real estate institutes imply that their agents are not involved.
      • There will also be private shows, which involve one or two agents and developers running their own exhibition in a hotel.
      • Called EstateCraft it offers a complete business solution for residential and commercial estate agents, letting and business transfer agents.
      • Lots of people give advice - lenders, real-estate agents, brokers.

    • 1.3(government officer in US)

      agente masculine, feminine
      • As a private attorney, he works without charge to help hundreds of intelligence agents obtain lawful permission to declassify and publish the hidden secrets of our times.
      • But without the information from FBI intelligence agents, his grand jury didn't have enough evidence to return indictments.
      • The Interior Ministry will also command a domestic intelligence network made up largely of secret police and intelligence agents from the ousted government.
      • It ruled that from then on, every last communication between intelligence agents and law-enforcement officials required its approval.
      • Intelligence agents obtained the tape during a search of a private house in Jalalabad after it was abandoned by the Taliban and officials are now debating whether to release the tape.
      • One official claimed that intelligence agents had recovered a ‘treasure trove’ of documents during the Pakistan raid.
      • CI agent training focuses on methods to detect and counter enemy intelligence efforts and to conduct investigations.
      • And the need to field a new army of spies and intelligence agents to track down and destroy terrorism is clear.
      • Crooks, spies, and intelligence agents of all stripes began flooding into the United States.
      • Virginia Hall served as an intelligence agent during World War II.
      • Tofte began to recruit, train and insert agents who would gather intelligence behind enemy lines.
      • The planes land many times at Camp Peary in Virginia, known as ‘The Farm,’ where CIA agents are trained in espionage.
      • So intensive was the surveillance that agents obtained a photocopy of the passport and visa stamp and delivered it to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.
      • Intelligence gathered by human agents was vital to attaining the first goal.
      • It urged amendments to federal and provincial laws so that undercover agents could legally obtain false identification documents.
      • On the other hand, many of the CIA's best agents through the years have been intelligence volunteers.
      • I have spoken to numerous FBI and CIA counter-terrorist agents, all of whom tell a similar story.
      • A senior law enforcement official said FBI agents confiscated classified documents he was carrying and questioned him before he was handed over to the military.
      • This investigation, like others, will be conducted by FBI agents and Justice Department officials.
      • And in an exclusive behind the scenes look at undercover agents fighting a secret war in this country.

  • 2

    agente masculine, feminine
    secret agent agente secreto
  • 3

    • 3.1(person acting)

      agente masculine, feminine
      you're a free agent eres libre / tienes total libertad (de hacer lo que quieras)

    • 3.2 formal (force)

      agente masculine
      its potential as an agent for change su potencial como agente de cambio
      • Though not always the makers of art, their role as agents in the shaping of dynamic artistic cultures was vital and remains poorly understood.
      • It would be useful for future studies to explore the role of other sociocultural agents, such as schools and teachers, in influencing attitudes and behaviors.
      • In addition, our study contributes to a greater understanding of newly appointed CEOs in their roles as change agents.
      • The organisations and the people in them can become the agents of change.
      • That's what separates the successful agents of musical change from the failures: respect for and knowledge of the past.
      • The bottom line is that the state will continue to evolve from the traditional welfare role towards an agent of modernisation and structural reform.
      • She was an agent of chaos, and she was also a genius.
      • Its new promotional campaign positions the company as an agent in the war against inequality.
      • His conviction as a humanitarian made him a revolutionary and an agent for change.

  • 4

    agente masculine
    oxidizing agent agente oxidante
    • bulking agent esponjante
    • raising agents fermentos y levaduras