Translation of aggressive in Spanish:


agresivo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈɡrɛsɪv/

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    (person/animal/country) agresivo
    (tactics/strategy) de agresión
    • I think Brian had an aggressive strategy and it really did pay off big time.
    • With our very aggressive strategy, running sixth on the road was a disaster.
    • P&G has made an aggressive push into the women's beauty business buying Clairol and Wella.
    • McRae meanwhile was giving a masterly display of controlled, aggressive driving.
    • Facing the most aggressive and competitive media in the world, spin is vital.
    • Some people expect it to be dynamic and aggressive but the reality is that it's slow.
    • More important than everything, the most aggressive driving force of her life.
    • She's assertive, aggressive, totally on top of her game and yet what happens to her is absurd.
    • In that role, HP paraded Elias about as part of an aggressive storage push at the company.
    • Unless you are allowed to be a bit aggressive and competitive then you stand no chance of been able to get on in life.
    • Alternatively, it could be sold to a hungry, aggressive business run by somebody like Flynn.
    • Competition doesn't get much more aggressive than in the Scottish newspaper arena.
    • They were facing increased competition from a host of new and aggressive retailers.
    • Traders said aggressive selling from an American bank had also helped push the gold price lower.
    • He added that the company had yet to see any aggressive pricing activity from its competition.
    • Sony Music Europe has taken the most aggressive anti-piracy stance in the business.
    • The deals were part of Shell's aggressive expansion in the energy trading business.
    • He was an aggressive parliamentary performer who relished verbal combat.
    • Like Johnston, who handled the Palmer account for so long, he is a loyal and aggressive employee.
    • He added that it was only a minority of drinkers causing the violent and aggressive behaviour.
    • She had found it very difficult to manage his behaviour as he was aggressive and violent towards him.
    • Anonymous comments are more likely to be aggressive, disruptive or even dishonest.
    • They may also explain why men are more likely to become aggressive when drunk.
    • We cannot judge how likely it is that aggressive treatment would have succeeded.
    • When the midges are at their most aggressive, their attacks are worse than any snow or rain.
    • Police used CS gas on the brothers, but they continued their aggressive behaviour.
    • In others, there appears to be no sanctions on loud aggressive and inconsiderate behaviour.
    • He said the dog had not displayed any more aggressive behaviour since it had bitten Mrs Royle in January.
    • Friends of David are apparently becoming concerned about his aggressive behaviour.
    • Too often they are becoming excuses for aggressive, even threatening behaviour.
    • She believes one solution would be to tackle symptoms of aggressive behaviour at a younger age.
    • No, they've generally evolved past that sort of aggressive territorial behaviour.
    • After all it seems to me that it is aggressive people who seem to display aggressive cathartic behaviour.
    • His aggressive behaviour on remand had led to the imposition of disciplinary sanctions.
    • There is no evidence of any self harm or of threatening or aggressive behaviour towards others.
    • It finds that men with a record of aggressive behaviour have more helper and inducer T cells.
    • One of their sons received cuts and bruises and when he came home his behaviour was very aggressive.
    • The defendant became violent and aggressive and would not let the garda search him.
    • This was not an aggressive protest as we are not an aggressive or violent group.
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    (assertive, forceful)
    (marketing/company) con empuje y dinamismo
    (marketing/company) agresivo
    (play/player) agresivo