Translation of agile in Spanish:


ágil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈædʒəl/ /ˈadʒʌɪl/

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    (all senses)
    • And, to be honest, he did not seem to be that agile as he moved around stage.
    • They are so agile when they move, thanks to their abundance of elastic muscles.
    • Very active and agile, the young ones move around the open area without fear.
    • He's very limber and agile and would have a few good moves to pull out on Superman.
    • As analysts, we must always be flexible and agile enough to be able to handle the new issues.
    • He is quick and agile and able to get to the second level to seal off linebackers.
    • Boiling over with rage that her formerly agile mind and body would no longer do her bidding, she vented her spleen on those around her.
    • Like all the best criminals, spammers have agile minds and always manage to stay one step ahead of the filter technology.
    • Give that agile mind a rest and those busy lips a break - tune into what's going on beyond the brain.
    • He is in effect trapped within his body as his mind remains agile.
    • The bubbling minds and agile movements of the kids all through the recent celebration said it all.
    • He exuded class, confidence and style and for a heavily-built man was very agile and nimble.
    • However, the Astra is such an agile and nimble car that you may very well avoid an accident altogether.
    • The magician does special exercises to keep his fingers nimble and body agile.
    • A pregnant woman needs exercise to keep her body and limbs supple and agile to ensure easy labour.
    • We hitch a lift in a Lynx, the sports car of military helicopters: small, agile and nippy.
    • Slow of foot, but agile of mind, how did he catch the speedy antelope and other game which provided him with his protein?
    • A lean, lithe, grizzly looking fellow, supple, agile with a leathery skin and sinewy.
    • You also need to be agile and in my mind it is a very complete sport.
    • She applied her administrative skill and her agile mind to the problem of pensions, now so topical.