Translation of agitate in Spanish:


agitar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈædʒəˌteɪt/ /ˈadʒɪteɪt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (disturb, move)
    (surface/liquid/solution) agitar
    • In some management systems, agitating the liquid in pits has greatly reduced fly breeding.
    • A pump inside the tank agitates the water, to ensure that the ice doesn't get too cold, and that the crystals produced remain on the small side.
    • She agitates the water and then places the cup on the middle of the plastic platform.
    • Boiling also agitates the water, increasing the amount of foam.
    • In the morning, agitate the water with a toilet brush and flush.
    • During and after settling, care should be taken not to agitate the water.
    • As he had mentioned to Vanessa, they needed a really good blow to agitate the sea, stir up its bed and move larger objects to the surface.
    • The possible source of the SARS virus in that epidemic was agitated sewage water.
    • Pigs and cattle have died when liquid manure stored in pits under slotted floors was agitated.
    • With a semisolid or solid manure storage, manure can be hauled when ever time allows without planning ahead to agitate the storage as is required with liquid storages.
    • This crust helps control odors and should not be disturbed until the waste is agitated, just prior to field spreading.
    • The lead within the condensers is constantly agitated so as to produce lead droplets, onto which the zinc vapour condenses.
    • Filler can settle out of suspension, requiring the material to be stirred or agitated before and after it is removed from the container.
    • This was done by gently agitating each sample in a bucket of water and decanting the floating charcoal into a .5 mm geologic screen or into .3 mm fine mesh.
    • The plants were thoroughly washed by adding water to the bags and agitating them vigorously for 1 min.
    • Cuvette temperature was controlled by a circulating water bath, and the contents were continuously agitated by a magnetic stirring bar.
    • It is soluble in water, which means, before conducting atmosphere readings in tanks and void spaces, any residual water will need to be agitated or mopped up.
    • Be sure the entire tank is agitated and mixed before spraying.
    • The dress must be basically washable in warm water & able to be agitated at least somewhat for uniform dyeing.
    • To prevent steam bubbles forming soft spots, a water quenching bath should be agitated.
    • This person is agitated, anxious restless, tremulous and looses appetite and cannot sleep.
    • He was extremely agitated and wouldn't let anyone near him before his father turned up.
    • I had to make a decision; there were too many questions that kept agitating me.
    • By Sunday I was extremely agitated and highly restless.
    • He was extremely agitated, which together with a smell of alcohol on his breath led to a suspicion of driving while under the influence of drink and drugs.
    • She hadn't had a nightmare, or a panic attack or anything of that sort, yet she was extremely agitated.
    • Initially, he was extremely agitated but had normal neurologic examination results.
    • Mark had learnt, during their talk that the man's name was Joseph but everyone referred to him as Josh, and he was extremely agitated.
    • At first he was extremely agitated that she was standing so close to his private zone.
    • When he comes home from school he is very agitated and upset, and can't understand why he is being picked on.
    • At the moment she is agitated and distressed, but I'm sure in time, with the help and understanding from the carers, she will adjust to her new home.
    • Pacing around the room, his broad shoulders tight with nervous energy, he is agitated.
    • She was slightly agitated and upset, but not upset enough to run away.
    • In the emergency department, the patient was agitated, diaphoretic, and in extreme respiratory distress.
    • By the time I enter the plane, I'm agitated and surrounded by people who look as if nothing unusual at all is happening.
    • She felt lost, empty, dead when she was surrounded by numbers of bright people and it agitated her.
    • Undoubtedly, my observations will once again agitate a few people who will tell me that I should get behind U.S. automakers instead of criticizing them.
    • If you're going to agitate a person by getting them to eat certain foods, I think you've not given them a quality experience.
    • I noted on more than one occasion that he was distressed during the interview and noted that he was so agitated at times that he could not sit in his seat.
    • The decline and fall of everything is our daily dread; we are agitated in private life and tormented by public questions.
  • 2

    (upset, alarm)

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to agitate for/against sth hacer campaña a favor de/en contra de algo