Translation of agonized in Spanish:


de angustia, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæɡəˌnaɪzd/ /ˈaɡənʌɪzd/


  • 1

    (cry/expression) de angustia
    (appeal) desesperado
    • From this realization, Ken let out an agonized cry of pain as tears began flowing down harder than before.
    • I looked up at him and saw the agonized pain in his expression.
    • Joe's agonised cries reached up to the tree tops.
    • In addition, as she noticed these things, an agonized cry rose up from the hut, in a voice she knew all too well.
    • At the exact moment those words had left his lips, an agonized cry echoed down from the bell tower.
    • Yes, half the night was spent in agonised discussion of such minor stupidities, when all that was necessary was to call the whole thing off!
    • When the media focus our attention on the aftermath of disasters, it is easy to empty our wallets for the agonized sufferers.
    • There is no doubt that this full exposure to experience incorporates involvement with pain, suffering, hardship, distress and agonised emotions.
    • What should be a simple question of wildlife management becomes an agonised playing off of the rights of birds against hedgehogs, and comparisons of different methods of hedgehog death.
    • Key figures - a woman with outstretched arms, a bull, an agonized horse - are refined in sketch after sketch, then transferred to the capacious canvas, which he also reworks several times.
    • The last time we see him, he has turned his back on his remaining parent and is walking away by himself, a small, agonized figure dwarfed by the huge, impersonal lobby of the school.
    • For a few agonized seconds, I wonder: was it there before?
    • Since I don't write very quickly, this tendency makes most any review I write take agonized hours.
    • Dozens of agonized male faces are packed together like grapes in a wine press, veins bulging from their temples.
    • In all this agonized talk about what we are, we were beginning to forget what you are.
    • Or are all men's lives like the lives of us good people… broken, tumultuous, agonised and unromantic lives, periods punctuated by screams, by imbecilities, by death, by agonies?
    • But a surge in thefts of treasured relics from ancient temples and monuments has reached such a level that an agonised debate has begun over bringing back the death penalty.
    • Counting begins at 9am in 39 constituencies and the agonised waiting also starts for some 400 candidates vying for a total of 153 seats.
    • Still, there are sharply etched performances from Duncan Bell as the agonised Christopher, Hugh Ross as his hedonistic brother and Juliet Cadzow as a maternal nightclub hostess.
    • Once again this weekend, with a predictability that might be noteworthy were it not so dreadful, the country is busily tearing itself apart as the rest of the world looks on in agonised bemusement.