Traducción de agony aunt en Español:

agony aunt


(agony uncle)
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    persona encargada del consultorio sentimental de una revista, programa radiofónico etc
    • As well as her frequent TV appearances, she writes an agony aunt column in a broadsheet newspaper.
    • Once again, our resident agony aunt answers your questions on those embarrassing personal problems that can only be solved by having them published in the national press.
    • Hovering elsewhere is the figure of the agony aunt, Aunty Emang, a newspaper sage ‘so popular that she was viewed as something of a national institution’.
    • Of course we know that Virginia Ironside became a hugely successful journalist and agony aunt but it's the moving memoir of her mother that adds the label of successful author to her name.
    • Former agony aunt Claire Rayner, pictured, who is president of the Patients' Association, a national voluntary organisation which campaigns for the rights of patients and better health services, was the keynote speaker.
    • He functions as an agony aunt for his readers' ethical dilemmas: as a postman, may I throw away junk mail?
    • The former agony aunt added: ‘I find it repellent, and no patient of any sense is going to fall for it.’
    • I well remember, in my first job on a magazine, regular visits from the police - they knew a miserable, missing teenager was more than likely to have sought help from our agony aunt.
    • Suzie Hayman is a Relate-trained counsellor, a broadcaster and author of 18 books, plus she's been a national agony aunt for 15 years.
    • She's currently working as an agony aunt for the Liechtenstein Mail & Herald.
    • One thing an agony aunt often longs to say is ‘Mind your own business.’
    • Prudie is my favourite agony aunt at the moment.
    • Using her experience as an agony aunt, her latest book, Love Coach, offers practical solutions on coping with turbulent times.
    • They will tell me their problems and I am like an agony aunt.
    • Bearing steaming mugs, she returns doing a neat impersonation of an agony aunt, asking how long I've been married.
    • She worked running an advice column in her local paper; she was the agony aunt for the local people.
    • So what I'm asking all you agony aunts is: should I just ignore my automatic reaction and "go with the flow"?
    • The letters are answered by a well-known journalist who has become an agony aunt.
    • Every newspaper agony aunt has been on double-time producing guides to surviving seasonal stress.
    • While we don't think she should take up an agony aunt column any time soon, her advice wasn't the worst in the world.