Translation of agree in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈɡri/ /əˈɡriː/

See Spanish definition of decidir

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(be in agreement over)

      to agree that estar de acuerdo en que

      • they all agreed (that) it was too late
      • yes, it must feel odd, he agreed
      • We agreed on the main issue: that new technologies make it possible for this to be done.
      • This is the underlying issue which campaigners agree must be tackled in years to come.
      • Nevertheless almost everybody agrees that a thought is produced when the brain neurons fire.
      • The one thing everybody agrees on is Lara's exceptional ability and concentration.
      • Not everybody agrees, however, that song-swapping is causing the industry's woes.
      • By far the most dangerous form of transport, just about everybody agrees.
      • Secondly, everybody agrees there needs to be a transfer of power as soon as is practical.
      • It was a solace for me when everybody agreed that I do not look so bad after all.
      • He would grant complete artistic licence but only if they both agreed on a structured recording process.
      • The idea they agreed on was that Ingram would slowly and precisely read out loud each of the four options when faced with a question.
      • The two leaders agreed on the need to speed up efforts to resume a serious peace process.
      • What the two would not have agreed on is the nature of the crisis afflicting Europe and the Western world.
      • Even if we were definite on the causes of global warming and agreed on a cure it could take centuries to reverse.
      • The study also found that most couples agreed on how many children they wanted to have.
      • First, if everybody agreed about everything, there would be no need of politics.
      • Resident Jo agrees that environmental issues are important for the beachside seat.
      • Not only that, but it can vehemently divide people who otherwise agree on most issues.
      • After all, does anyone go to a blog for a discussion of issues that most people agree on?
      • When no two raters agreed on an item rating, the lack of agreement was recorded as such.
      • Then both agreed on the idea that it is an individuals' responsibility.

    • 1.2(reach agreement over)

      to agree when/what/how/where/which ponerse de acuerdo en cuándo/en qué/en cómo etc.
      to agree to + inf quedar en + inf

      • they agreed to meet at six
      it was agreed that he should go on his own se decidió que fuera él solo
      • The plan involves agreeing a pay rise for this year and continuing negotiations over wage increases for the next two years.
      • It was agreed that negotiations should take place with both contractors.
      • After negotiation, we agree a set of terms under which the autopsy will be performed.
      • Strikes have been put off until the end of February to give negotiators a chance to agree a deal.
      • Eventually a compromise was agreed on, with a church wedding in Cyprus.
      • It was agreed on Thursday that these groups should be persuaded to return homes.
      • There is no money to be made out of the standards themselves, but a great deal to be lost if they are not agreed on by everyone.
      • It comes as no surprise to learn that all the parties are agreed on the proposals.
      • Wiltshire County Council's Cabinet agreed the increases which will come into effect in April.
      • Once the maps are agreed, action plans should be prepared to manage the environmental impact.
      • Make a record of the date you complained about the harassment, to whom you spoke, what was said and what action was agreed on.
      • Once the value is agreed on, shuffle the deck and deal 5 cards to each player.
      • It is denied that any fee was agreed on any of the three occasions identified by the Claimants.
      • If the Cabinet agrees the recommendation it will mean that you and the other residents will need to move to another home.
      • The money comes on top of the three year settlements agreed last year.
      • In the present case they were the same, but the time for payment did not come till liability and amount were agreed or settled.
      • As nothing further could usefully be settled it was agreed that the meeting be closed.
      • As soon as all the charges are entered and agreed the work of settlement commences.
      • The meeting is a negotiation, to bring these different goals together and to agree them.
      • Current talks appear to revolve around agreeing a price.

    • 1.3(decide on)

      (price) acordar
      (date/details) decidir
      (date/details) concertar

  • 2

    • 2.1(consent)

      to agree to + inf aceptar + inf

      • she agreed to accompany me
      • I reluctantly agreed to help her
      • Magistrates cannot order that people be removed to hospital unless the hospital authority agrees to accept them.
      • To avoid the authorities, he agrees to accompany an inventor to go around the world in 80 days.
      • She was so thrilled by the prospect of motherhood that Thorn follows the advice of a priest and agrees to accept an orphan child as his own.
      • The reading and questions end and the author agrees to sign anyone who arrived late, saying he'll stay as long as it takes.
      • After a lengthy plea from a social worker, the judge reluctantly agrees to allow the boy to leave.
      • The good sister is far from sure about the merits of his assertion but she agrees to support his appeal for a pardon.
      • By adding a comment on this post you are agreeing to abide by this set of standards.
      • But at the end of the day, it's all about two people agreeing to do something and sticking with it.
      • She said she asked for an eye test and agreed to allow him to look at her back after she complained of back pain.
      • Mrs Martin agreed to take the suggestion to the town council and the youth council.
      • He was a close part of Tony's crew until, busted by the Feds, he agreed to wear a wire.
      • By entering, all eligible entrants agree to abide by each and all these terms and conditions.
      • I hate talking about money and so immediately agreed to pay the price they suggested.
      • Anyway, he suggested we try another local butcher, and he has agreed to do the job for us.
      • The author agrees to give it a try - and at first it seems to be just what she needed.
      • In need of company and cash, she reluctantly agrees to permit a film crew to shoot on her premises.
      • Usually the bank obtains security from the customer when it agrees to open the acceptance credit.
      • By agreeing to accept the gift, he is showing his willingness to be beholden to the donor.
      • The seller is able to attract custom by agreeing to accept credit card payment.
      • I agreed to admit him to a side room on a general medical ward accompanied by a prison officer.

    • 2.2(admit, concede)

      to agree that reconocer / admitir / aceptar que

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (be of same opinion)
    estar de acuerdo
    to agree about sth estar de acuerdo / coincidir en algo
    to agree with sb/sth estar de acuerdo con algn/algo
    I couldn't agree more estoy completamente de acuerdo
    • I quite agree lo mismo digo yo
    • don't you agree? ¿no te parece?
  • 2

    • 2.1(get on well)

      even as children we never agreed ya de pequeños no congeniábamos

    • 2.2(tally)

      (statements/figures) concordar
      to agree with sth concordar con algo

    • 2.3Linguistics

      to agree with sth concordar con algo
      see also agree with