Translation of agreement in Spanish:


acuerdo, n.

Pronunciation /əˈɡrimənt/ /əˈɡriːm(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(shared opinion)

      acuerdo masculine
      we need agreement on the matter tenemos que ponernos de acuerdo / que llegar a un acuerdo sobre el asunto
      • to be in agreement (with sb) estar de acuerdo (con algn)
      • she nodded in agreement asintió con la cabeza
      • to reach agreement llegar a un acuerdo
      • I'm in agreement that the divorce rate is exceptionally high and mostly avoidable.
      • We're all thoroughly in agreement that these first-past-the-post elections are a bad thing.
      • The meeting was in agreement that action has to be taken to end the monopoly.
      • Both organisations are in agreement that we have got to get this right.
      • All bodies are in agreement that the use of foreign workers is set to mushroom over the next few years.
      • Not very many of the delegates seemed in agreement that an October election is on the cards.
      • The one good thing is that all the experts seem to be in agreement that mortgages are set to fall.
      • The hospital management and the council seem in agreement that cash is a palliative but not a panacea.
      • All parties involved found themselves in agreement that the fixture should remain unfulfilled.
      • But they are all in agreement that he is not a simple controversialist just for the sake of it.
      • We enjoyed both and were in agreement that they were great palate fresheners.
      • The crowd nods in agreement that they are in the presence of a fine basketball player.
      • New Zealanders are in agreement that children should not be assaulted or brutalised.
      • Quearney and I are in agreement that bulbs seem to be ideally suited to an Irish climate.
      • Most economists are in agreement that in order to grow an economy saving is a must.
      • I am also in agreement that perpetrators must be held responsible for their actions.
      • Everyone is in agreement that size is not that important from a practical point of view.
      • Your Honour, I think we are in agreement that the matter should be heard as soon as possible.
      • We are in agreement or partial agreement on many of the most significant issues, but we shall have to remain at odds on a few.
      • Mally leant back and nodded in agreement.

    • 1.2

      (written arrangement) acuerdo masculine
      Business contrato masculine
      (on wages and conditions) convenio masculine
      (on wages and conditions) acuerdo masculine
      (oral arrangement) acuerdo masculine
      (oral arrangement) arreglo masculine
      agreement to + inf
      • there's an unspoken agreement between them not to apply for the same job
      • the union will honor the agreement not to strike
      to come to / reach an agreement (with sb) llegar a un acuerdo (con algn)
      • to have an agreement (with sb) tener un acuerdo (con algn)
      • to enter into an agreement aceptar los términos de un acuerdo
      • to sign an agreement firmar un acuerdo
      • to break/honor an agreement romper/respetar un acuerdo
      • She contends that such agreements were final and binding on the parties.
      • In effect, they are hiring the union to act as agent in the negotiation of agreements.
      • He did not have to enter into the agreements for leases if he did not want to.
      • The Response did however deny the terms of the agreements alleged by the claimants.
      • You have not honoured this, as well as many verbal agreements that we had with each other.
      • But most student and many other shared houses are let on joint tenancy agreements.
      • The crux of the arrangement is a series of reef lease agreements with the local villages.
      • The EC is also party to international agreements that commit it to a regime of free trade.
      • They can do so by ad hoc international agreements, involving two or more parties.
      • The signed agreements will remain held in escrow until Neil receives the banker's draft.
      • It is not in our members' interest to negotiate unaffordable equal pay agreements.
      • The final source of health care law comes from the international agreements on human rights.
      • He said that his agreements with these autobiographical subjects were not recorded in writing.
      • It was included in the association agreements that they entered into from year to year.
      • No provision was made in the agreements for time off, sick pay, or holidays.
      • In recent years, the courts have hesitated over whether to take such agreements into account.
      • With limited exceptions, both agreements ban all high seas fishing for salmon.
      • The drafts of the three agreements that were current at the start of that month all provided for New York law.
      • The attached marked up copies confirm the basis on which we are prepared to enter these agreements.
      • What rules could a legal system adopt as tests for the enforceability of agreements?

  • 2

    consentimiento masculine
    to obtain sb's agreement (to sth) obtener el consentimiento de algn (para algo)
  • 3

    • 3.1(harmony, concord)

      to be in agreement (with sth) concordar / estar en concordancia (con algo)

    • 3.2Linguistics

      concordancia feminine
      • The chapter concludes with a discussion of agreement markers triggered by inflection classes.
      • There is some evidence that the possibility of dropping expletive subjects is linked to agreement.
      • Many current treatments of agreement assume that a noun phrase like "John" or "the book" has a single set of agreement (person, number, gender) features.
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      • Agreement is an important concept in grammar and a source of many writing errors.