Translation of agribusiness in Spanish:


industria agropecuaria, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæɡrəˌbɪznəs/ /ˈaɡrɪbɪznəs/


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    industria agropecuaria feminine
    agroindustria feminine
    (profits/enterprise) (before noun) agropecuario
    (profits/enterprise) (before noun) agroindustrial
    • With $30.9 billion in assets, CoBank specializes in financing for agribusinesses and Farm Credit associations, as well as rural communications, energy, and water systems.
    • Other Illinois farmers, Illinois agribusinesses and local communities in which we do business share our concerns.
    • They must then market these programs so that producers, agribusinesses, consumers, and politicians will appreciate and support future endeavors.
    • Dairy farmers and the agribusinesses that support them are hungry for information that helps them understand the economic pressures and market forces that influence the price of the product they sell.
    • He looks at the accelerating pace of mergers in agribusinesses that supply and buy from farmers - especially in the seed and chemical industries.
    • It served 20,000 farmers, related agribusinesses and selected commercial businesses.
    • The majority of the payments go to large agribusinesses, which promotes the consolidation of farms.
    • These lending associations provide loans and financial services to agricultural producers, agribusinesses, country homeowners and other rural landowners.
    • In a time of rising energy prices and concern over the environment, producers and agribusinesses must find a way to be more and more competitive in a world of scarcity.
    • These skills will prove extremely beneficial to students and the agribusinesses that employ them.
    • While not exactly a farm group, since it is heavily composed of agribusinesses, it is headed by farmers.
    • This was being done by linking development activities of smallholder producers and rural entrepreneurs with commercial agribusinesses.
    • Most of the agribusinesses described in the texts have the best possible employee benefits because they understand that people are the most important part of their business.
    • Consumers and investors now reward farms and agribusinesses that supply desired environmental services along with food and fiber.
    • In the 1950s and 1960s, agricultural scientists and agribusinesses actively spread ‘modern agriculture’ throughout the world.
    • Our research suggests that agricultural policy must be scrutinized carefully for potential local impacts on agribusinesses.
    • Sales of wheat, flour, livestock feed, cotton, and other commodities amounted to more than $345 million in additional income for US farmers and agribusinesses.
    • Add in a growing water quality and quantity problem, and agribusinesses in Florida are second only to California in facing challenging environmental issues.
    • More than 60,000 farmers, agribusiness owners, their employees and families are covered by ASA insurance plans.
    • He's unemployed because the farm that used to employ him is now a 1000-acre agribusiness using contract workers when necessary.