Translation of agricultural in Spanish:


agrícola, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌæɡrəˈkəltʃ(ə)rəl/ /aɡrɪˈkʌltʃərəl/

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    (country/worker/tool/show) agrícola
    agricultural college escuela de agricultura / de agronomía
    • agricultural science agronomía
    • Land claims have been made on about five million hectares of agricultural land in the province.
    • Gwanya says a major problem is the prices farmers are asking for agricultural land.
    • She has also called for more tools to kick-start agricultural and small livestock farming.
    • Hundreds of acres of agricultural land have been rendered barren for want of water.
    • Has their access to agricultural land and capital in rural and urban areas improved?
    • Frank had a great affinity with the land and all things agricultural and was a progressive farmer.
    • You can see tree plantations all over the place with small agricultural strips of land and a few houses.
    • The report forecasts that the demand for workers in the agricultural sector will decline.
    • She used the rest of the seed capital to invest in a small plot of agricultural land.
    • It is also close to a primary school, agricultural land and a restored lakeland region.
    • The base facilities are scattered over a wide area of what appears to be agricultural land.
    • Once houses are put up it will be near to impossible to reclaim that land for agricultural use.
    • His whole farm is a testament to the rich agricultural heritage of Gloucestershire.
    • It has set up a subgroup to look at the effect of modern intensive agricultural methods on the environment.
    • In few areas, however, have satisfactory alternative agricultural uses for the land been found.
    • When they came to England they were only allowed to be miners, hospital workers or agricultural workers.
    • The original planning consent for the Selby mines would have seen the land restored to agricultural use.
    • There was, in fact, no clear distinction between agricultural and industrial workers.
    • Prime exports such as olive oil and wine fell in value and previously used agricultural land fell into disuse.
    • He has said on oath in front of me that his present activities are devoted to restoring this land to agricultural use.