Translation of agriculture in Spanish:


agricultura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæɡrəˌkəltʃər/ /ˈaɡrɪkʌltʃə/


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    agricultura feminine
    • Success in obtaining the required output of food from agriculture depends on soil fertility.
    • Essentially this ditches almost all animal agriculture except for beef and dairy products.
    • They have opened the way to a new phase in the history of agriculture, animal breeding and husbandry.
    • So bread came before agriculture and agriculture came before culture and civilisation.
    • Mr Egan was on the cusp of a career in which he promised to be devoted to farming and agriculture.
    • In reality, they were vast slum areas without industry or fertile soil for agriculture.
    • If the plants perform as well as hoped, it could dramatically change agriculture.
    • Applicants must come from farm families and plan to pursue a career in the field of agriculture.
    • In recent years, the use of pesticides in agriculture has been increasing steadily.
    • We've got to make a commitment to try to improve the lives of animals used on farms and in agriculture.
    • All are based on the food and agriculture industries both vital to the Irish economy.
    • Their decision to leave dairying comes as their two sons pursue careers outside agriculture.
    • Aside from some cultivation of sugar cane and cotton, there is little agriculture.
    • The protection of domestic agriculture must be recognised as a food security imperative.
    • The main form of agriculture was pastoral with cattle and sheep being grazed on unenclosed lands.
    • Soil salinity poses serious limitations to agriculture in many areas around the world.
    • Hedgerows and indigenous species of plants lost though agriculture would be brought back.
    • The productivity of the eastern system of agriculture declined in the seventeenth century.
    • How did English agriculture manage to raise labour productivity to such high levels?
    • Modern agriculture is justified on the grounds that it produces more on less land.