Translation of aha in Spanish:


¡ajá!, interj.

Pronunciation /ɑˈhɑ/ /əˈhɑː/ /ɑːˈhɑː/

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    • I searched my handbag ‘It's in here somewhere, never fails aha!’
    • We went through a few rounds of this, until eventually - aha!
    • I traced the 10 foot lead of my headphones to their plug - aha!
    • Plenty of books have sat around on my shelves, barely touched until one day I think: aha!
    • I'll surprise you yet, aha… just you wait and see.
    • I was sure there was a gown in here somewhere… aha!
    • I don't know, two or three years ago maybe… aha!
    • When I show this to the sisters, you two are going to be in serious trouble, aha!
    • Thus I pumped my friend until she gave up the goods: it's from a recipe in Gourmet magazine, aha!
    • Yet Boettger, taking his statements at face value, thinks it's enough to note - aha!
    • By the end of week two, there's a tiny vertical line in the center of my torso - aha!
    • We thought - aha - another enlightened thinker.
    • Crop circles are a perfect example because for some reason, as often happens, immediately, people said, aha, it's aliens.
    • Is that slowing down these deep discounts, because retailers are like, aha, everybody's getting gift cards?
    • Past that, my fingertips sense, aha, glossy paper.
    • ‘Hmmm 16 years ago… that's pretty far back, let's see… aha… wait a minute’ he started muttering some things to himself.
    • If that's what you're looking for, then in most cases you will probably already be inclined to play the role ‘the rules’ prescribes, or if not, at least when you read it, you think, aha, yes, that makes sense.
    • About 11 am realise that I've not eaten since yesterday lunchtime… aha my sugar levels are obviously screwed up… perhaps that's why I'm being so silly.
    • But aha, then they actually were New York City teams!
    • Meteorites are easy to find in places where the background is very different, so if you've got a sandy desert and there's a lump of rock sitting in it you think, aha, I wonder if this fell from the sky.