Translation of ahead in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈhɛd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(indicating movement)

      she went on ahead to greet them se adelantó para saludarlos
      • take the second left, then go straight ahead tome la segunda a la izquierda y luego siga todo recto / derecho
      • I'll go on ahead to see what's happening yo iré delante / adelante a ver qué está pasando
      • she sent the trunk ahead by rail mandó el baúl antes / por delante por tren
      • ‘Come, we might as well start our journey as we talk,’ he said as he motioned towards the road ahead.
      • They're not moving, just gazing ahead toward the Japanese lines.
      • A passenger in his car, his son, said he had not been paying attention to the road ahead as they travelled towards their home.
      • She spoke quietly, and her eyes darted back toward the road ahead.
      • And if you do find yourself in traffic, pull over and let the line behind you pass ahead and you'll usually have the road to yourself again.
      • As I motioned him ahead he looked at me with disbelief then lunged forward.
      • The police lining the block ahead yelled to stop, but the two young men in front apparently didn't hear because they were talking.
      • Then, just before the interval, Brewster crafted a path for Ian Black on the left but he opted to let fly from long range when the space ahead beckoned him to come a little closer.
      • Ava, a slumped, grey-haired woman just ahead in the line, is intrigued to hear of similar events going on elsewhere.
      • There were problems somewhere up ahead on the line, but the chain kept moving, and Lopez felt pressure to keep up.
      • Getting out we can see that there's couple more spaces ahead, then a cattlegrid, another junction and apparently a cottage beyond it.
      • Sally, 26, who qualifies as a nurse next month, said she could see a line of traffic ahead and realised something was wrong.
      • Nowadays we just shake our heads in misery and shuffle ahead in line, waiting for the next available teller.
      • Then Mr. Lake moved to stand beside Sara, again motioning ahead.
      • Loud, angry voices carried to him from the narrow space ahead.
      • Then breaking the surface, one by one, the swimmers form a new line, a line that charges ahead like an angry serpent.
      • For those who can fit into the seats the driving position is excellent, with the floor-mounted pedals being dead ahead and well spaced.
      • Vicki stepped off the escalator, waited for him to do the same, and then motioned ahead.
      • It was a long the hall with doorways lining the walls up ahead and they seemed to continue endlessly.
      • Once they got through the horribly long line, Ellen ran ahead and found them a table.

    • 1.2(indicating position)

      a short distance ahead un poco más adelante
      • the post office is straight ahead la oficina de correos está siguiendo recto

    • 1.3(in race, competition)

      our team was ahead nuestro equipo llevaba la delantera
      • we're only one goal ahead vamos ganando por solo un gol
      • the Japanese are still way ahead in that field los japoneses siguen estando a la cabeza en ese campo
      • Bootham Cons surged ahead to lead 8-1 but Holgate fought back to 10-10 after 11 ends.
      • Ecofin's day at the races… And they're coming up the back stretch now and it's Economic Recovery way ahead in the lead.
      • Quitting while he was ahead, Shaw led his last big band in 1950.
      • Taking Italy by surprise the Greeks snuck ahead to a slight lead.
      • Two minutes later, Sharon Duncan put Armagh a point ahead, a lead for the Orchard County for the first time since the fifth minute of the game.
      • Sunderland might have gone further ahead when leading scorer Stephen Elliott wriggled into the penalty area only to drive his shot into the side netting.
      • Gearoid Nagle then pushed Jades ahead again to lead 44-46 as the game entered the final minute.
      • On the spinnaker reach to Rayrigg Fiscal Folly pulled ahead, extending its lead in the blustery, fluctuating wind on the leg up to Swan's Nest.
      • He potted the last red and a green to go 33-12 ahead, a lead which should have been greater as he had taken seven reds without colours.
      • The Millwall striker kept his nerve and once again sent keeper James Walker the wrong way to put the Lions ahead - a lead that was rarely threatened.
      • Robert Allenby took a five-stroke lead to move further ahead after the third round of the Australian Open at Moonah Links near Melbourne.
      • Grange regrouped once more and pulled four points ahead however Palatine pulled back this lead once more thanks mainly to a cracking Moran goal.
      • Ireland took a handy 18-8 lead into the break and went further ahead within four minutes of the re-start.
      • Playing against the wind in the first half, Granlahan still managed to edge ahead and held a four points lead at the interval.
      • The crucial thing was that coming up the last few minutes, we were four points ahead but couldn't defend that lead.
      • In Game Seven, the Sox took the lead early and stayed ahead, defeating the Yankees 10-3.
      • The Aussies start best and kick ahead to an early lead.
      • First Japan inched ahead to a tenuous lead holding it through the first half of the race.
      • Pak responded with a birdie of her own at the 12th to tie the lead but Sorenstam edged ahead again at 15.
      • A contrary view might emphasize that the market makers have invested vast amounts to stay ahead in the race for information.

    • 1.4(in time)

      the years/months ahead los años/meses venideros
      • What steps have been taken, and what's ahead in the near future?
      • Having just finished recording his debut album last week, Mike plans to learn more about music, take sound engineering courses and plan ahead for the future.
      • Mrs Gilligan, who with her husband and sons runs a thriving dairying farm, believes the new system will give farmers the freedom to plan ahead for the future.
      • The framework should help public bodies, airport operators and airlines plan ahead for future applications.
      • Although the couple feared the worst, it went unspoken and they tried to look to the future and plan ahead.
      • It is difficult to plan ahead when the future is so uncertain.
      • They were making their wedding plans, and had a great future ahead.
      • With a beautiful, healthy baby girl to raise and plans to marry, the couple had an exciting future ahead.
      • Right now, Levski's two champion teams are enjoying a well-deserved break after a job well done and looking ahead to future successes.
      • It's that time when we think about the year ahead and start making plans for the future.
      • But looking ahead to the future, a scenario that we all fear is one in which the administration effectively ceases to function.
      • It offers a path ahead, a future where there had been only a past.
      • Sometime ahead in future, these images may become invaluable records.
      • But there was still a big future ahead for plastics, in packaging, for example.
      • Tabby is a very talented entertainer and he has bright future ahead on stage.
      • There may be challenges ahead but the future in this sector is certainly looking brighter than for several years.
      • In fact, I'm seriously impressed at just how many parents, grandparents and other relatives are thinking ahead and planning their family's future.
      • It looked like it was five years ahead in the future.
      • Keep optimistic about the future and keep looking ahead.
      • Just ahead, crossing the line, the growing use of profanity on television.
      • Rachel told the meeting that there is a huge amount of work to be undertaken in the months ahead.
      • However, the day ahead is dominated by a massive amount of college homework.
      see also go ahead, think aheadetc

  • 2

    ahead of
    • 2.1(in front of)

      delante de

    • 2.2(in race, competition)

      por delante de

    • 2.3(before)

      she got there an hour ahead of everybody else llegó una hora antes que los demás
      • you will be notified ahead of the meeting se le hará saber antes de la reunión
      • Athens is two hours ahead of London Atenas va dos horas por delante de Londres
      see also time